UFC 200 – Lesnar Defeats Hunt – My Thoughts

After 5 years out of MMA, Brock Lesnar defeated Mark Hunt by a unanimous decision in his return to the Octagon. The first round had a slow start with Brock Lesnar attempting a takedown midway through. He managed to ground Hunt and hit a few blows before the buzzer signalled the end of the round. Brock Lesnar still has it in him it seems.

Second round was a lot quieter with Mark Hunt able to settle down a little. Both men struggled to make a massive impact however, with no significant blows taking place. Lesnar then dominated the third round, grounding Hunt early on and hitting multiple strikes to the head. The Samoan however managed to survive the final round to take it to the judge’s decision. It was a unanimous decision, each scoring 29-27 in Lesnar’s favour.

I had little interest in the first few match ups on the card, despite there being very entertaining fights between Silva – Cormier, Aldo – Edgar and Velasquez – Browne. When the Brock Lesnar promo came on though, I was glued to the screen. It’s been the most intrigued I’ve been in a sports event in a long while. The main event of the evening fully shocked me, with Amanda Nunes making Miesha Tate tap out in the first round to a choke hold. That was incredible, and I was most definitely invested in that one.

My judgement of the night as a whole isn’t exactly positive. I fully enjoyed the Lesnar match, but didn’t really feel a connection with the other bouts we saw. I fully appreciate how much these insane athletes go through for our entertainment, but I’d rather watch a whole card of wrestling. It’s not a bash on UFC at all, I could certainly get myself into it, and I will be watching future events such as Diaz vs McGregor at UFC 202 and CM Punk’s debut at 203 as I have more of a connection to these similar faces. I must say though, I loved the intrigue of there not being a fixed winner. Wrestling as a whole needs to work on making their matches feel more real, just like UFC.

As for Lesnar winning, it hurts no one apart from Mark Hunt. He’ll go on to face Randy Orton at SummerSlam now still looking like a beast, and having the evidence to back it up. Hunt is no pushover, but Lesnar almost made it look easy tonight. Will Lesnar do this again? I sure hope so. He has less to do in wrestling each year it seems now, so why wouldn’t he want to have the occasional UFC fight? It all depends on contract issues and agreements between UFC and WWE, but UFC made me more excited for a Lesnar appearance than the WWE have in the past two years.

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