Look Back at WrestleMania: WrestleMania X-Seven

This was honestly one of the best WrestleManias we’ve ever seen! I could’ve written about every single match on this card, but here’s a few that I focused on!

Venue: Reliant Astrodome – so beautiful!

Attendance: 67,925

Raven vs Kane vs Big Show for the Hardcore Championship


This is exactly why we used to love Hardcore matches! They were so damn fun!

Best bits

  • Kane throws Raven through a window
  • Big Show knocks Kane through a door
  • Big Show and Kane smash through a wall
  • Raven crashes a golf cart with Big Show on the back
  • Kane gives the referee a ride on a golf cart and almost ran over Raven
  • Big Show and Raven go through a section of the stage

Kane then hit an elbow drop it seemed on Big Show, and won the Hardcore Championship. This match was so fun! One thing that is interesting, is that they could still probably do 75% of this match in this era, so I certainly think we could have space for the Hardcore Championship for guys who aren’t being used! This was probably the best Hardcore match, and there’s a lot to be seen!

Shane McMahon vs Vince McMahon in a street fight with Mick Foley as special guest referee


This was by no means a good wrestling match, but it was such an entertaining fight!Both men aren’t very good at standard wrestling, but both have tonnes of charisma, and Shane can just do anything and make it look good! He attempted to hit an elbow on his father through the table, but Vince moved out of the way sending Shane crashing through the Spanish announce table. Trish Stratus then brought Linda McMahon to the ring in her wheelchair, and a fight started between Trish and Stephanie!

Mick Foley broke up that fight, and started to wheel Linda McMahon backstage again. Vince then stopped him, and put Linda McMahon in a chair in the ring so she could witness Shane being beat up by his own father. Much to everyone’s surprise, Linda stood up out of her chair and low blowed Vince. Shane McMahon then hit a coast to coast on his father with a trash can to pick up the win! This match is making me so excited for Shane vs Taker this year..

The Hardy Boyz vs Edge and Christian vs The Dudley Boyz in a TLC match for the Tag Team Championships


This year was probably the best year we’ve ever seen for the tag team division. A year prior, we saw the triple threat ladder match, then we saw TLC 1 at SummerSlam, and now we get to see TLC 2!

Best bits

  • Bubba Ray powerbombed Jeff Hardy onto Edge through a table
  • All 6 men on top of ladders reaching for the titles
  • Spike Dudley hit the Dudley Dog on Christian to the outside through a table
  • Rhyno Gores Matt Hardy through a table
  • Swanton Bomb to Rhyno and Spike Dudley through 2 tables
  • Christian and Devon hand from the title belts
  • Edge spears Jeff Hardy as he’s hanging from the title belts
  • Rhyno sends Bubba Ray and Matt Hardy through 4 tables outside of the ring off the ladder

Rhyno helped Christian up the ladder to claim the tag team titles in one of the best WrestleMania matches ever in my opinion. This one blew the match from last year away! Edge spearing Jeff Hardy is my favourite spot in wrestling history! It looks insane!

Triple H vs The Undertaker


This was just a full on brawl! They started off on the outside, and then got back in to the ring for a few minutes. Undertaker then knocked down the referee which allowed for the two opponents to go on a trip through the crowd. They then reached what looked to be a production area with computers and cameras on scaffolding. Triple H beat the crap out of Undertaker with a steel chair, but the Deadman got back up and chokeslammed Triple H to the floor, and then followed up with an elbow to the heart.

This war continued then back into the ring. Undertaker stood over Triple H with a sledgehammer, but The Game managed to hit a low blow. The Undertaker managed to hit the tombstone, but Mike Chioda was still down and unable to call the count. Taker then continued his offence and went for a Last Ride, but has Triple H was on his shoulders, he him Taker with a sledgehammer. The referee was up for this one, but The Undertaker still managed to somehow kick out of that, much to the amazement of the whole stadium. The American Badass was a bloody mess, but he managed to pick up Hunter for the Last Ride to keep his streak alive.

This was a war between two of the biggest names in the business! They went through so much in this match. It’s time like these where I can really appreciate wrestling, because 99% of the world are not able to do what these guys do, and make it look so damn good! This match was truly incredible!

Stone Cold Steve Austin vs The Rock in a No Disqualifications match for the WWF Championship


I think I marked out for the whole of this match! It was clear to see that from the entrances, these are two of the biggest names in professional wrestling ever. Both were trying their best to make the other one submit with a Sharpshooter and the Million Dollar Dream, but neither would give up. The Rock then hit Steve Austin with a stunner!

Vince then came to the ring and stopped The Rock winning the match by breaking up the pin. The Rock chased after Vince around the ring, but as he came back into the ring, he was met by a Rock Bottom by Austin. Stone Cold hit a stunner on the Champion, but that still wouldn’t keep him down for 3! There was another chair shot by Austin, which only resulted in a near fall. A pissed off Rattlesnake then assaulted The Rock with a chair which finally gave him his second win over The Rock at WrestleMania.

After the match, McMahon and Austin stood face to face and shocked the world when they shook hands. When The Rock got up, he was only hit square in the face with the title belt! And with one of the biggest turns in the history of wrestling, Steve Austin and Mr McMahon left together with a beer in hand.

This was by far the best WrestleMania we’ve seen, and many regard it as the best of all time – it’s certainly up there for me! All of these matches I wrote about were fantastic, and there was even more strong matches like Chris Jericho vs William Regal and Benoit vs Angle! I so enjoyed writing this one guys! I hope you enjoy it, and be sure to check out all my other WrestleMania look backs!

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