Look Back at WrestleMania: WrestleMania 2000

Lets get straight into the only WrestleMania that was named after the year  it was in, and the only WrestleMania to not feature a singles one on one match between two men.

Venue: Arrowhead Pond

Attendance: 19,776

Edge and Christian vs The Hardy Boyz vs The Dudley Boyz in a triple threat tag team ladder match for the Tag Team Championships


Oh my word, what a match this was! We had never seen anything like this at the time!

Best Bits

  • Christian hits a cross body from the top of the ladder
  • Edge spears Jeff Hardy off of a ladder
  • 3D from the top of the ladder
  • Edge and Christian double superplex Devon off a ladder
  • Bubba Ray gets irish whipped into the ring steps, and it sounds like the intro to The Hardy Boyz theme – actually does!
  • Christian and Jeff Hardy get thrown off the top off the ladder to the concrete
  • Powerbomb to Matt Hardy through a table
  • Swanton bomb off the top of the ladder to Bubba Ray Dudley

I really enjoyed the ending to this. The Dudley Boyz had set a table balanced on top of two ladders just under the title belts. Christian and Matt Hardy started to climb on top of the table. Edge came behind Hardy and threw him off the table and through another table, to claim the tag team championships. This was such a good match, but just wait until tomorrow for the WrestleMania 17 match!

Chris Jericho vs Chris Benoit vs Kurt Angle in a two falls triple threat match


Kurt Angle came into the match with the European Championship and Intercontinental Championship. I’ve never actually seen this done before, but the first man to win a pinfall would become the Intercontinental Champion and the man to get the second fall would be the European Champion. That’s such a good way of someone defending two belts!

This was honestly such a solid triple threat match between 3 of the best wrestlers we’ve ever seen. The first fall went to Benoit, as he hit a diving header butt on Chris Jericho to win the Intercontinental Championship. Jericho hit the lionsault to Benoit to win the European Championship. This match was booked amazingly well as Angle had lost 2 titles in one match without getting pinned! I actually really enjoyed this!

Mick Foley with Linda McMahon vs The Big Show with Shane McMahon vs The Rock with Mr McMahon vs Triple H with Stephanie McMahon in an elimination fatal 4 way for the WWF Championship


The fact that 4 McMahon’s were involved in each corner of this match made things pretty interesting! After dominating a lot of the first couple of minutes in the match, Big Show was eliminated by The Rock. His three opponents focused on beating down the big guy, and The Rock hit a Rock Bottom to eliminate him.

One of my favourite moments of this match was when Triple H and Mick Foley were working together on The Rock. Mick Foley tried to send The Rock through the announce table, but fell short with his attempt from the second rope! Then Triple H hit an elbow to The Rock and that still didn’t break the table. Triple H then stepped onto the other table, and that one broke! Finally they just about went through the table with an elbow from the guard rail – it was actually quite funny!

Foley managed to kick out of a pedigree from Triple H, but The Game hit another one on a steel chair to eliminate him. This was of course greeted with a chorus of boos. This was announced as Mick Foley’s last ever match in the WWE, We all know however that was not the last time we’d see him! He made a lasting image on the match as he came back in the ring and clocked Triple H with the barbed wired 2×4.

I actually really enjoyed this match, but it didn’t have the best finish ever. Shane McMahon took out his own father with a chair shot. Vince was being escorted out of the arena, but he turned back and gave 3 slaps to his son. He then picked up a chair himself, looked towards Triple H, but turned on The Rock and get him a shot to the head. Triple H went for the cover, but Rock kicked out. For me, the match should’ve ended there. Mr McMahon then hit him with another chair shot, which then won Triple H the match as he regained the WWF Championship.

Vince then made up with his daughter in the ring and the disgruntled fans started throwing cups into the ring. The Rock got back in the ring and hit Shane, Vince and even Stephanie with a Rock Bottom. He even hit The People’s Elbow to Stephanie to close the show out.

Honestly, this didn’t have the best undercard, however the main event was really enjoyable I thought. This and WM 15 describe the attitude era so well. The undercard was probably a little weak, but they all had their own characters, and the main event was full of stars, which might possibly had been over booked. Thanks for reading once again guys, and be sure to stick around for my WrestleMania 17 review later on today!


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