Look Back at WreslteMania: WrestleMania 15

Thanks once again guys for the continued support! WrestleMania 13 and 14 were both uploaded yesterday, so go check them out!

Venue: First Union Center

Attendance: 20,276

Butterbean vs Bart Gunn in a Brawl for All match


So this was one of the most infamous matches of the attitude era. WWE decided it would be a good idea to have their wrestle actually fist fight each other. Bart Gunn won this tournament, Brawl for All, and was booked in a match with Butterbean. This was never a good idea?! Before the fight, we were given a video package of a load of boxers and trainers bigging up Bart Gunn, saying he was going to win this in round 2. This was actually laughable. Butterbean knocked Bart Gunn out in 35 seconds. To think they went through all the time and effort with the judges at ringside. Lets get on to the wrestling..

Big Show vs Mankind where the winner would become the referee in the main event 


This match was by no means a good one, but it had some pretty bigger consequences to it. Mr McMahon put Big Show in this match to make sure The Rock won the WWF Championship match later that night. Big Show looked to have won it when he chokeslammed Mankind onto two chairs, however he got disqualified for this.

A pissed off Mr McMahon made his way to the ring and told Big Show that he was a nobody. Paul Wight then teased chokeslamming the boss, but put him back down. Vince then continued to spit insults out, driving Big Show to clock him with a knock out punch. However, what was important was that Mankind would be refereeing the main event between The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Road Dogg vs Val Venis vs Goldust vs Ken Shamrock in a four corners elimination match for the WWF Intercontinental Championship


Shamrock, Goldust and Venis all had a little feud between them over the sister of Ken, Ryan Shamrock. Road Dogg had won the belt on a Raw episode, and had to defend it against the 3 men fighting for Ryan. A four corners match normally aren’t too bad, but I didn’t really enjoy this one. Both Val Venis and Ken Shamrock were both counted out which easily eliminated them. Ryan Shamrock grabbed the leg of Goldust, by accident. This allowed Road Dogg to pick up the pinfall victory over Goldust. The Bizarre one then dumped Ryan Shamrock.. What a weird match this was..

Kane vs Triple H


Kane made his bone chilling entrance to the ring, only to be attacked by a bloody chicken? This turned out to be Pete Rose who also suffered a tombstone the year before. Such an odd start to this match?! Triple H came out through the stands behind Kane and hit him with a low blow to start this one off. I quite enjoyed this match up. It was a solid match between two fantastic workers.

Chyna came down to try and screw over Triple H yet again, throwing in the steel steps. Kane went to hit Hunter with them, however he managed to block it, and kicking Kane in the head with it. Triple H also managed to hit a drop toe hold to the big red machine. Chyna fully turned on Kane and The Corporation when she hit him with a steel chair. This caused the referee to end the match, giving Kane the win via disqualification. Triple H then hit a pedigree on top of a steel chair, and him and Chyna were reunited again.


The Rock vs Stone Cold Steve Austin for the WWF Championship


The whole evening we saw videos of who would be the referee, seeing as Big Show was arrested for assaulting the boss, and Mankind was sent to the hospital. Vince decided himself that he would be the referee in this one. He strutted out to the ring to start the proceedings, however Shawn Michaels, the commissioner of the WWF came to the ring as well. Michaels announced that the rule book stated that only the commissioner could determine who the referee would be of matches, therefore he was going to over turn Mr McMahon’s decision, and sent him packing.

What a match this was! Both barely spent any time in the ring at all! They wrestled in the crowd, around the entrance way and they even went trough the table! The Rock hit a back body drop to  Austin onto the light support, but it looked like Steve Austin really hurt his leg from it – pretty nasty! As the action went back into the ring, The Rock focused on beating down the challenger with a steel chair.

Mr McMahon came down to the ring to help The Rock beat down Stone Cold. With both referees down, the crowd erupted when they saw Mankind stumble towards the ring! Mankind nailed McMahon sending him out of the ring, and helping Austin get a boost. However, The Rock hit the Rock Bottom, but failed to hit the People’s Elbow. Stone Cold hit a stunner on The Rock which he used to sell beautifully, and Mankind counted the three count for the win. The look on Mr McMahon’s face was priceless! Austin then dragged Vince in the ring and soaked him with a can of beer to end the show

Overall, this PPV seemed pretty weak, but it had such a good main event that felt so damn important! Because of the main event, it stopped the whole PPV looking like a flop. There was even a Hell in a Cell match featuring The undertaker, but even that was pretty forgettable to me. But I loved the main event! Thanks for reading again guys, and be sure to return tomorrow for WrestleMania 2000!

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