Look Back at WrestleMania: WrestleMania 14

Second one up today! Lets go!

Venue: FleetCenter

Attendance: 19,028

This card was stacked with so many good matches! This might be a longer one..

Triple H vs Owen Hart for the WWF European Championship


A new look Triple H was backed by DX in this one, with Chyna accompanying him to the ring. Owen Hart looked to have won this one with a Sharpshooter, but Chyna helped Hunter get to the ropes. Chyna threw powder in the commissioner’s eyes, Sgt Slaughter, which distracted Hart and allowed Triple H to hit the pedigree and retain the European Championship. This was such a good match! It was a shame it wasn’t on first though, that spot was taken up by a stupid 15 man battle royal.

The Rock vs Ken Shamrock for the WWF Intercontinental Championship


This match was pretty hard to follow if you weren’t paying too much attention to it. The ending was a little bizarre. Shamrock won with an ankle lock forcing The Rock to tap out. Shamrock then just flipped out after the match superplexing everyone in sight. Farooq came out to help out The Rock it seems, but he decided not to help him out, and leave the ring. Shamrock’s actions after the match caused him to be disqualified, and the referee over turned his decision and decided that The Rock would continue to hold the Intercontinental Championship.Ken Shamrock however left with the title much to the crowd’s entertainment. He was way before his time, and he was gold looking back at this match!

Chainsaw Charlie and Cactus Jack vs The New Age Outlaws in a dumpster match for the WWF Tag Team Championships


So the aim of this one was to get both of your opponents into the dumpster, and win the match. This was a pretty silly match, but a very attitude era stipulation to it! All four men went to the back, and Terry Funk picked The New Age Outlaws up with a forklift truck and dumped the champions in the dumpster – what a weird match!

Kane vs The Undertaker


As we all know, Kane debuted in late 1997, and went straight after his brother, The Undertaker at Badd Blood. It was one of the most memorable debuts we’ve ever seen, and these two were booked beautifully leading up to this match. This is proof that WWE once knew how to give their superstars layers of character. It’s frustrating to see people like Sami Zayn being called up to feud with Owens, and most of the main roster fans don’t even know about their storyline in NXT!

This match was actually extremely entertaining. It was way better than their WreslteMania 20 match up for sure! One of the best moments in this match was when Undertaker flew over the top rope, only to be guided through the announce table! That looked like it hurt! The Undertaker hit the tombstone on his brother, only to have Kane kick out. He then hit another one, and Kane kicked out yet again! The Undertaker then hit a flying clothesline, and hit a third tombstone to defeat his brother. I moan often about people kicking out of finishers, but it really worked here because it was a blood feud, and it was at the biggest stage of them all!

Paul Bearer picked up a steel chair and handed it to Kane to start an attack on The Undertaker. He hit a wicked tombstone onto the chair. I loved this ending! It would have made a lot of sense for Kane to win this one, but Taker’s streak stayed in tact. The fact Kane walked out on top was pretty cool to see! Such a good match up!

Shawn Michaels vs Steve Austin for the WWF Championship with Mike Tyson as Special Enforcer


The build up to this match was probably one of the best we’ve ever seen. It reminds me of the unforgettable segment where Austin and Tyson brawled on Raw. This was perfect for everyone involved! This was definitely a solid match, but given that both were hiding injuries at the time makes the match all the more impressive! This would be Shawn Michaels’ last match in WWF as he had to retire due to a back injury. However, he would shockingly return 4 years later to face Triple H.

The DX fan, Mike Tyson, circled the ring when thee referee was down, looking to somehow make a difference in this match. He wasn’t needed however as Shawn Michaels hit a lovely elbow drop to the heart of Austin. The finish of this might be one of the best booked finishes ever.

Michaels was signalling for the Sweet Chin Music, Austin ducked that and hit the gut kick, only to have Michaels throw him into the ropes. As Austin bounced off the ropes, he blocked Michaels’ superkick again, span him round and hit the stunner! It was such a beautiful sequence! He then pinned Shawn Michaels, and Mike Tyson slid into the ring to give a fast 3 count. The crowd erupted, and Steve Austin would walk away the new WWF World Heavyweight Champion! This finish was just excellent!

Stone Cold then threw an Austin 3:16 t shirt to Mike Tyson, which the boxer started waving about to the fans. A shocked Shawn Michaels had got up and showed his anger to his once friend, Tyson. Mike Tyson then clocked Michaels with a right hand, forcing him to the mat. Tyson then draped a 3:16 t shirt over a beaten HBK. Oh my god this finish was just perfect!

So far, this has been the best WrestleMania we’ve seen. No matches were absolute classic from the offset, but the whole card had such a high quality to it, and it was honestly one of the best finishes we’ve ever seen! WrestleMania 13 made Austin a superstar, but WrestleMania 14 made him go down in history as one of the greatest of all time. Thanks for reading this one guys! I so enjoyed watching a writing it!

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