Look Back at WrestleMania: WrestleMania 13

Sorry this one is late as well guys! Just trying to balance college work and blogging right now, I’m determined to finish this series though!

Venue: Rosemont Horizon

Attendance: 18,197

The Sultan vs Rocky Maivia for the WWF Intercontinental Championship


It was interesting to see The Rock make his debut against one of his many family members in wrestling – Rikishi. I didn’t really understand The Sultan gimmick though? He was wearing elf shoes, and he was with Bob Backlund and The Iron Sheik? It wasn’t an awful match up, but it certainly isn’t one for the ages. Rocky Maivia won with a roll up to retain the Intercontinental Championship. The Sultan attempted to beat down Rocky Maivia, but his father, Rocky Johnson hit the ring to help his son. They both ended up body slamming The Iron Sheik.

Steve Austin vs Bret Hart in a Submission match with Ken Shamrock as special guest referee


This one was an absolute classic. These two started things off early with a hurried start. Stone Cold managed to superplex Hart onto the guard rail, and they went deep into the crowd after that. It seemed that most fans preferred to acted stupid in front of the camera rather than appreciate the match that was going on. As they both got back to the ring, the weapons started coming out. There were a few heavy chair shots, and Bret Hart even brought the ring bell into the ring!

Austin started the bleed quite a lot when he was thrown into the guard rail. You could see the bloody pouring out! Bret Hart however focused on the left leg of Austin. Stone Cold was cornered by The Hitman, so all he could do was hit him with a low blow to buy him a little more time. He actually managed to gain momentum from this, using the corner to beat down Bret Hart and present him with the middle fingers. He went to choke Hart out with an extension cable but Bret hit Austin with the ring bell to break that up.

Some argue that this match made Steve Austin into the legend he is today, and it is hard to disagree with them. Bret Hart put him in the sharpshooter, and what a scene it was when Ken Shamrock called the match over as Stone Cold was lying in a pool of his own blood. He never actually tapped however, which was such smart booking! Ken Shamrock teased a fight with Hart, but Bret stepped down from it. A referee then helped Austin get to his feet, only to be hit with a stunner, as Austin walked out himself, this really made him into a superstar!

Sycho Sid vs The Undertaker for the WWF Championship in a No Disqualification match


A disgruntled Bret Hart hit the ring before this one started. He claimed that he should’ve been in the main event. Sid then hit him with a powerbomb and started cutting a promo on Hart. The Undertaker took advantage by attacking the champion from behind. The highlight of the match for me was Shawn Michaels on commentary. He did so well putting over The Undertaker, and he managed to add a little comedy as well!

The first 15 minutes of this was was pretty lackluster however. Sycho Sid reversed a tombstone by The Undertaker, and hit a tombstone himself. The Undertaker then kicked out of this, and Sid really did not sell the fact he kicked out at all! He was a pretty poor actor. Sid threw the deadman outside the ring, but Bret Hart returned again to attack Sid with a chair. Taker then hit a chokeslam, for Sid to kick out in very good timing. Sid teased the Powerbomb to Taker, but got distracted by Hart returning yet again. This distraction caused Sid to lose concentration on Taker, and Taker won the WWF Championship again by hitting the tombstone.

This was another pretty poor WrestleMania, but Steve Austin vs Bret Hart will go down as one of the best we’ve ever seen on the grandest stage of them all. The main event was pretty poor, with an okay finish. I enjoyed Bret Hart interfering a lot. One good thing from this event however was that it started one of the greatest periods in wrestling history – the attitude era. Thanks for reading guys, and stick around for my WrestleMania 14 look back tonight as well!

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