Look Back at WrestleMania: WrestleMania 8

Welcome back for another blog post! WrestleMania 8 today!

Venue: Hoosier Dome

Attendance: 62,167

This was the first WrestleMania where they made an effort with the entrance stage, albeit it was some shocking lights..

Tito Santana vs Shawn Michaels


Shawn Michaels had multiple appearances already at WrestleMania, but this was his first as a singles competitor. He was accompanied to the ring by Sensational Sherri, a bizarre pairing, but I liked it! This match worked well as the opener of the card. The finish seemed a little botched, Shawn Michaels basically just fell onto Santana.

Rowdy Roddy Piper vs Bret Hart for the WWF Intercontinental Championship


On paper this could be one of the finest wrestling matches ever.. and my word it lived up to it. I don’t actually have a lot to write about this one, mainly cause I marked out completely, this was so good! Roddy Piper came into this one as the heel champion. When the referee was down he had the chance to hit Bret Hart with the ring bell, but he gained respect for the Hitman’s performance. He decided not to hit him with it, and win it fairly. He applied a sleeper hold to Bret Hart, but the Canadian bounced off the turnbuckle and got the pinfall win on the legend Roddy Piper. The former champion then placed the strap on Bret Hart as a sign of respect – you need to watch this match!

Ric Flair vs Randy Savage for the WWF Championship


Before we start this, I have a couple of things to say.. Why was this on so early?! Why was Savage in a main event match a year after he had been forced to retire? And why did we not ever seen Ric Flair vs Hulk Hogan for this card?! Regardless, this was an iconic match to see Ric Flair at WrestleMania, and apart from Hulk Hogan, there was not better opponent for him than Randy Savage.

This match was full of false finishes. Randy Savage controlled a kit if the match up, busting open Flair. After he hit the Elbow, Macho Man made the pin only to have Mr Perfect drag him out of the ring. During the altercation between Hennig, Savage and Hebner, Mr Perfect chucked some brass nuckles over to a grounded Flair to help get back into the match.

The actual finish came when Ric Flair had Randy Savage in a figure 4 leg lock. Savage managed to free himself, and he was selling the submission hold so damn well! As he was limping around, he managed to get the roll up holding the tights. A year after he lost in a retirement match, The Macho Man had become the WWF Champion again. Miss Elizabeth entered the ring, but Ric Flair kissed her, much to the annoyance of Randy Savage. A weird aftermath to the match, but a very good match!

Hulk Hogan vs Sid Justice


Why the hell was this match on last?! Sid Justice went straight after Hogan with his music still playing, but with just two right hands, the biggest threat to Hulk Hogan was out of the ring. But what the the ending to this?! Harvey Wippleman comes into the ring, so Hulk Hogan picks him up and throws him at Justice, causing the referee to ring the bell? Then Sid Justice starts to attack Hogan, with some help from Papa Shango of all people?! Then The Ultimate Warrior hits the ring and helps out Hogan, and it gets announced that Hogan wins? I’m still confused here..

I really did not enjoy this WrestleMania all that much. I think I’m just bored of Hulk Hogan in the main event now. WrestleMania 9 tomorrow won’t make anything better.. Stick around for that, but I’d just like to thank you once again for reading!

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