Look Back at WrestleMania: WrestleMania 5

We follow up a relatively strong event with one that has the potential to be bigger. This has one of the most famous matches ever which was part of one of the best ever feuds we’ve seen. Lets do this!

Venue: Trump Plaza, Atlantic City, New Jersey

Attendance: 18,946

Special Mentions

Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts vs Andre the Giant with Big John Studd as guess referee


The first 8 matches on the card didn’t really have much to offer, but the last few matches really did intrigue me. For the first couple of minutes in this match, Andre The Giant was all over Jake The Snake! Roberts barely got any offense it at all. The Giant managed to get tied up in the ropes however, and The Snake managed to mount a comeback. This match was pretty damn poor really. Big John Studd was unhappy with Andre, so The Giant decided to turn on the referee causing a disqualification. Jake Roberts managed to get The Snake out of his bag though!

Honky Tonk Man and Greg Valentine vs The Hart Foundation (Bret Hart and Jim Neidhart)


The Hart Foundation have appeared on the last two or three Manias, just in nothing Battle Royals however. It was good to see the two in a tag team match later on the card. Bret Hart was such an excellent worker, even back then! The Hart Foundation worked beautifully together. Neidhart threw Jimmy Hart’s megaphone into the ring for Bret Hart to nail The Honky Tonk Man for the win.

Ravishing Rick Rude vs The Ultimate Warrior for the WWF Intercontinental Championship


Rick Rude was just so damn good! It really was a shame what happened to him! One of the best wrestlers to never win a World Championship. His tights were awesome in this match too. Ultimate Warrior started strong in this one, he was literally throwing Rick Rude around the ring. Rick Rude’s first bit of offense was a stunning drop kick from the top rope! Bobby Heenan managed to grab the leg of The Ultimate Warrior as he superplexed Rick Rude, causing the challenger to land on the champion and pull off the victory. I really enjoyed this match!

Main Event

Hulk Hogan vs Randy Savage for the WWF World Heavyweight Championship


Randy Savage was playing the classic heel role here. He was making sure Hogan went after him, not the other way round. It meant for a slow start, but it was done perfectly. For the most of this, it was a typical Hulk Hogan match, with the heel controlling much of it, and him only getting out little spurts of offense. Hogan then just completely dumped Savage onto the ground! As Hulk came out to keep the fight going, The Macho Man focused his attention on the bloody eye of Hogan.

Miss Elizabeth was trying to help Hulk Hogan out, but Randy Savage forced her to leave ringside and go back stage, what a good heel move! Hulk Hogan kicked out of the elbow drop, and started to Hulk up after that. He then did his classic comeback, no selling the punches, hitting the big boot and then the leg drop to win another WWF Championship.

Overall this wasn’t too bad, but I wasn’t fully involved in any of the matches. I must say I am getting a little tired of Hulk’s theme song! What were your thoughts on this WrestleMania? Can you remember watching it live, or are you a little too young for that? Thanks for spending your time reading this today, and stay tuned for my look back at WrestleMania 6 tomorrow!


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