Look Back at WrestleMania: WrestleMania 1

With Wrestlemania being just 31 days away, I thought I’d upload my take on all 31 previous Wrestlemanias. I will not be doing a typical review as such, but something a long those lines. I will upload one per day for you guys, and then rank them after Wrestlemania 32! Hope you guys enjoy! I was doing this before last year but didn’t end up completing it.. lets hope I do this year!

Venue: Madison Square Gardens

Attendance: 19,121

It had a very retro feel to this (obviously). There were no turnbuckle pad logos, no apron design, very loose ropes. It had a pretty odd feel to it, with the loud fans, who you couldn’t actually see.

Special Mentions

David Sammartino vs Brutus Beefcake


This one ended in a double disqualification. It was quite cool to see a mini brawl featuring the legendary Bruno Sammartino. It should’ve been a win for Sammartino via disqualification as Johnny Valiant body slammed him on the outside.

Junk Yard Dog vs Greg Valentine


This one was for the Intercontinental championship. But it made me laugh because of the ending. Greg Valentine pinned JYD using the ropes as leverage, but the referee didn’t see it. Tito Santana then told the referee, and he started to countout Valentine. When he got to 10, JYD celebrated as did the fans, but he didn’t actually win the title! Whatever the official decision would be, Greg Valentine would leave as champion, so it was pretty much a fuss over nothing!

Main Event – Hulk Hogan and Mr T vs Paul Orndorff and Roddy Piper


It was cool to see Muhammad Ali as a special guest referee! He was not holding back! He threw punches at Bob Orton and Roddy Piper. This one really had the crowd going, as it was all over the place. A few bits of litter were thrown into the ring too. Not as much as the nWo announcement though in WCW. After a very messy ending, Hulk Hogan and Mr T won via pinfall. It really was a pretty poor match up, with it being very uncontrolled.

It was pretty cool to go back 30 years to see how much the WWE has changed! It wasn’t the best Wrestlemania I’ve seen, but that’s because I didn’t know all of the talent. These will just be short for you guys, but I hope you enjoyed it! What were your thoughts on Wrestlemania 1? Come back tomorrow to check out my look back at Wrestlemania 2!

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