WWE Fast Lane 2015 Preview/Predictions

So the build up to WrestleMania has started, but it’s been pretty poor as far as Raw goes. The saving grace in the last few weeks has been SmackDown! I understand that they want to boost the viewership on SmackDown moving to USA but I don’t understand why you can’t feature Brock on the go home Raw show? I’ve also found it weird that they haven’t really continued any storylines that they started to plant at the Royal Rumble.

Alberto Del Rio vs Kalisto for the US Championship


I like that they have put this match on the pre-show. It makes the fans actually have a valid reason to watch it. The two out of three falls stipulation also makes it feel more special. This feud has really dropped off in terms of enjoyment for me however.

The best thing to do here is to put Kalisto over in two falls. The US Championship has been swapped between this two far too much as of late, so it would be nice to see a little run going with Kalisto.

Ryback, Big Show and Kane vs The Wyatt Family


Why the hell are we ending Raw with this feud? That just makes no sense at all to me. The Wyatts need to win this to build them up before Brock at WrestleMania, not that it will be that hard.

Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks vs Naomi and Tamina


This one will be very interesting. I’m looking forward to how Sasha and Becky will work together. I’m also glad that we might actually start to have two divas feuds per PPV from now on. They have enough talent in the division, so why not utilise it? Here’s a prime example of not continuing on Royal Rumble events. Why isn’t Sasha Banks going for the divas title? Sasha and Becky will win this however, and go back into the Divas Championship scene come Mania.

Dolph Ziggler vs Kevin Owens for the Intercontinental Championship


This match up has the potential to be brilliant if they are giving time. One thing that I don’t like is that we’ve pretty much seen this on every single Raw since Royal Rumble? They’re very enjoyable matches, but it’ll be nothing new for us tonight. I would honestly love to see Dolph Ziggler come away with the win here because he deserves so much more than what he’s getting right now! I think Kevin Owens will take the win here though and hopefully we’ll see a match with Sami Zayn at WrestleMania.

AJ Styles Vs Chris Jericho


This feud has been excellent as of late. I like the fact they’ve really showcased their skills over on SmackDown. I think that’s a good way to promote the show, not just with the main event scene. I love the fact they started off with Jericho basically calling AJ Styles just a kid who turned up to the big time late, it’s really helped him gain a bit of heat with the fans! AJ Styles will surely come away with the win here. It wouldn’t really make much sense if they had Jericho go over this late in his career?

Brie Bella vs Charlotte for the Divas Championship


Brie Bella has been more than capable of being in this role. This is just a hold over feud but it is nice to see them giving women like Brie a chance to show off their talents with some very good wrestlers. Charlotte has started to grow a lot more with the belt on her, and she will continue to grow with it after WrestleMania. This feud could have been a lot worse though.

Dean Ambrose vs Roman Reigns vs Brock Lesnar in a number 1 contenders match


Up until this week’s Raw, I thought we were all doomed to see Brock get taken out by the Wyatts and see Reigns crawl on top of a beat down Ambrose for the win. However, they took to IC title off of Ambrose which was a very smart move because I’m starting to think a little differently. I think it’s still pretty obvious though that Reigns will win this seeing as him vs Triple H has been the overall story of the winter.

I’ve enjoyed seeing Ambrose giving much more importance here though. I’m hoping it will mean that he’ll be getting much bigger storylines this year, as it’s been a pretty strong start to it for him. Brock Lesnar as been booked well, but not too sure why he was on a SmackDown show and the latest Raw?

I’ve not been a fan of how little Triple H has been used though. It’s stupid to just have him show up for 30 seconds in front of the challengers without breaking a sweat. The overall line of this feud is this – there’s been a pretty strong build up, but the fans have seen past that with the clear outcome of both this match, and the world title match at WrestleMania.

The build up on the whole hasn’t been the best we’ve ever seen. I just really hope we can start to build up some steam after tonight. I won’t be able to watch tonight live due to having college tomorrow, but I will be watching tomorrow. Let me know over on twitter your thoughts of this post, and your predictions for tonight! Thanks guys!


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