WWE Royal Rumble 2016 preview/predictions

I must say, the last few Raws have been a lot more enjoyable than what we saw from last year. I think Reigns is playing a fantastic role defying the authority, and although his segments have been a little cringeworthy, it’s been great to see Mr McMahon back on tv. It’s probably just because we’re into Mania season, but I’m hoping we have turn a corner with the quality of wrestling we are seeing.

Kalisto vs Alberto Del Rio for the US Championship


We’ve seen this match so much lately?! I was quite surprised to see that they put the title on Kalisto on a Raw show. It was even more strange when they had Del Rio win it back 3 days later on SmackDown.. It would’ve made more sense just to keep the rematch for this sunday surely?

I don’t see why they’d put the title on Kalisto for just 3 days. Clearly they want to push him as a singles star, so I think he’ll go over in this one.

The Usos vs The New Day for the WWE Tag Team Championships


As always, The New Day have been superb this past month. However, the tag team division has been pretty poor again. Not many people, including me, care who will win this. The New Day have held the titles since SummerSlam now, so The Usos might win this one to keep the feud going.

Kevin Owens vs Deam Ambrose in a Last Man Standing match for the Intercontinental Championship


First off, a last man standing match really disappoints me here. I think I’d actually prefer to see a normal match between these two. A much better, and high paced match would have been a falls count anywhere match, that would’ve be awesome! That’s the one problem with a last man standing match, it’s just too slow for me – especially at 2 in the morning!

Kevin Owens doesn’t really need the intercontinental championship back, but it sucks to see him lose. Dean Ambrose will probably hold it through until Mania now though. Kevin Owens apparently has big plans that night, so they say..

Becky Lynch vs Charlotte for the WWE Divas Championship


This has been the best feud in the divas division on the main roster for years now! Becky Lynch has been so good! I’d love to see this be the last match on before the Rumble, and they’ll get a lot more time due to the short card. I think we’ll see a little bit of tension between Charlotte and Ric, so it would make sense to put the belt on Becky with how strong she’s been. 

Despite me praising Becky a lot, Charlotte is a fantastic heel. I’d have Ric Flair try and help his daughter, but after a mix up, Becky takes advantage and wins the match. It would be great to see Charlotte shame her father on Raw the next night to increase her heel status. Sasha Banks needs to get involved before Mania though!

2016 Royal Rumble Match


The two favourites for the Rumble are Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns. Roman Reigns will be defending his WWE Championship from the number one spot, but there’s no doubt he’ll be left in the last 2. Brock Lesnar made his return two weeks ago, and has made it clear he wants the championship. Because he’s not around that much, I’m not too sure if I’d want to see the title on Lesnar, but he is booked for Fast Lane, so he could only have a short run to Mania and potentially drop it. 

I think that Triple H will make a ‘surprise’ return on sunday. He’s been off Raw and SmackDown since Reigns attacked him at TLC. I think he’ll make a return and eliminate Reigns from this, setting a up match in Dallas. Another outside contender would be Daniel Bryan.. Highly unlikely, but what a return that would be! Might we finally see him win it?

We all know the best part of the Royal Rumble is the surprise returns and debuts! AJ Styles teased a potential spot in the match this past week which got the whole wrestling community excited! With it being in Florida, there’s a potential chance of seeing The Rock here. Might he set up a feud with Brock Lesnar..? If I had to pick one winner, it would have The Beast though!

Thanks again for reading guys! Are you excited for the Royal Rumble? Let me know your predictions over on Twitter!

2 thoughts on “WWE Royal Rumble 2016 preview/predictions

  1. I think this is the first blog post of yours I’ve read, and I like it! Love the writing style as well, haha. Kalisto is gonna have a helluva year regardless, and I think Sasha Banks has been too quiet, they must be planning something (hopefully!) My money would be on AJ Styles for the Rumble, but that’s me being unpredictable ;D

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