Updated Early WrestleMania Card Predictions

So I made a post last year with my early WrestleMania 32 card predictions. Since then, Cesaro, Cena and Rollins have all be ruled out through injury. However we could see a bigger pool of wrestlers to pick from with Jericho making his return and the mouthwatering rumors of some of the bullet club making their way over from Japan. As always, let me know what matches you’d like to see at this year’s main stage.

Andre the Giant memorial Battle Royal


Last year I said that Cesaro would win this one again to really stamp 2016 as his year. Cesaro is now out with a torn rotator cuff. I can see NXT doing another tournament to determine an entrant into this match like they did last year. Hideo Itami did not make an impact at all on the pre show, so I could see Samoa Joe getting promoted to the main roster with a win in this one.

The Usos vs Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows for the WWE Tag Team Championship


This one is based purely on the rumors we all know about. I watched Wrestle Kingdom 10, and Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows had a very good match, working against faces. I think The Usos will hold the straps going into Mania. This would be one hell of a match though! The New Day and The Dudley Boyz may be involved in this one as well, but I’d love to see these two teams go head to head.

Neville vs Alberto Del Rio for the United States Championship


With all the current injuries in the WWE, they need to take this opportunity and really make some new stars on the roster. Neville is a guy who came up to the main roster almost a year ago now, and apart from his first month, he’s failed to make much of an impact. WrestleMania 32 would be a great opportunity to start to build him as one of the next guys, and it’ll be perfect to put a midcard title on him. Del Rio isn’t that good as US Champion, so why not start to build for the future?

Dean Ambrose vs Chris Jericho


I’d love to see Jericho turn heel between now and WrestleMania. He’s booked for Fast Lane so it seems he’ll be working throughout. At Night of Champions, Jericho bumped Ambrose potentially setting up a feud between the two.. I think Ambrose will drop the Intercontinental Championship to Owens at the Rumble, potentially setting up this feud.  This won’t be an amazing feud, but it will be a good match to bulk out the undercard.

Sami Zayn vs Kevin Owens for the Intercontinental Championship


Sami Zayn has been out for a lot of 2015 through injury. He’s now back in action down in NXT, but the majority of fans believe he’s ready for the main roster. His injury ended the feud between him and Owens over the NXT Championship early, so it would be great to see them continue with it. If this doesn’t happen, Zayn will be promoted to the main roster this year anyway, no doubt about that. I got this idea from Ring Rust Radio, by far the best wrestling podcast, so be sure to check them out!

AJ Styles vs Dolph Ziggler


I’m don’t think this will actually happen, but it would be an insane in ring match. Ziggler desperately needs to turn heel, because his character has gotten very stale lately. AJ Styles coming in will be an instant face, no doubt about that. Ziggler won’t be doing a lot this WrestleMania, so it would be brilliant to have him go up against Styles in his first Mania match.

Sasha Banks vs Charlotte for the Divas Championship

I mentioned this in my last predictions. This will be by far the best womens match possible for them to go with. Realistically, it’ll be the only womens match on the card, as they haven’t had a very good past history with Divas at WrestleMania! Sasha Banks needs to win this!

Sting vs The Undertaker


I mentioned this in my last predictions post as well. I’m not too sure how Sting is doing with his recovery from injury, and who knows if he’ll even be fit for WrestleMania. He’s being inducted into the Hall of Fame the night before, and it will be amazing to see both him and Taker go in together and have a retirement match the next night. It’ll be a major waste of a match if this never happens. 

Roman Reigns vs Triple H


Reigns’ beat down of the CEO of the company at TLC was brilliant. We have all be calling for that side of Reigns to be more apparent since the rumble last year. Triple H has been off Raw since that. I think that Triple H will return in the rumble match and eliminate Reigns. He’ll then try and get his payback in the same style as Undertaker did with Maven. He won’t actually be eliminated, but he won’t win the match. Triple H will set up a hard match for the two time champ at Fast Lane, before returning to the ring himself at the big time.

The Rock vs Brock Lesnar for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship


Whilst Reigns will be busy with Triple H, Brock Lesnar will walk away with the title at the rumble. Who best to challenge him? The Rock. The Rock has announced he’ll be at WrestleMania, but there’s still a little mystery as to whether he’ll be stepping in the ring one more time or not. They can play off of Reigns unfairly losing the title, so The Rock will try and get the title back into the family. They also have past history, but WWE probably won’t take notice to that. Brock will of course win, because The Rock won’t be staying around for a long time.

Most of these still probably won’t happen, but I know you guys like this kind of blog! Remember to give me your thoughts on how the WrestleMania card will shake out!

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