My Top 10 WWE/NXT Matches of 2015

He’s my list of top 10 matches in 2015. I’ll only write about my top 5. Remember that it is just my opinion, so don’t shout at me when I miss out Kevin Owens vs John Cena, because it was just full of ridiculous kick outs in my eyes.

10. John Cena vs Neville – RAW

9. Seth Rollins vs Neville – RAW

8. Sasha Banks vs Bayley vs Becky Lynch vs Charlotte – NXT Rival

7. The Undertaker vs Brock Lesnar – Hell in a Cell

6. Roman Reigns vs Bray Wyatt – Hell in a Cell

5. Seth Rollins vs John Cena vs Brock Lesnar for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship – Royal Rumble


After watching this match, I really did had high hopes for WWE in 2015. My expectations were a little too high though. Most knew that Lesnar would retain until Mania, but WWE planted the seed that he could lose it without getting pinned which added a lot of intrigue for me.

Brock Lesnar of course dominated in the early parts of the match, throwing Seth Rollins and John Cena about. He even hit a double superplex on J&J Security! I liked how they got Cena and Rollins to double team on the champion, because it showed that Lesnar was such a beast, it would need to take at least 2 to stop him. Just as Cena hit the AA, Rollins attempted the pin, but it only angered the beast more.

He then mounted some offence before Rollins and Cena again kept him down. Cena and Rollins had an end to end couple of minutes, with Brock sporadically breaking up the pins. After his little rest, Lesnar had the chance to hit the F5 on Rollins, for Cena to just break it up. John Cena then had to hit 3 AAs to attempt to keep Lesnar down, and that still didn’t work.

Cena took control through a spear to Rollins into the time keeper’s area, and then attacking Lesnar with the steel steps. With Lesnar laid out on the table, Rollins hit an elbow to him from the top turnbuckle! What a spot! Brock was out then, which made you wonder if Cena or Rollins would actually win this one. J&J returned only for Cena to hit an AA to them at the same time.

Lesnar returned and managed to escape the wrath of the breifcase before pinning Mr Money in the Bank. This was another triple threat done well. I just loved the elbow through the table! Another fantastic moment this year!

4. Roman Reigns vs Brock Lesnar for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship – WrestleMania 31

I think from the moment Reigns returned at TLC back in 2014, we all knew he’d win the Rumble this year. Most of the fans were so against this because Reigns was the one being pushed, and it wasn’t Daniel Bryan. For me at least, this match helped out Reigns so much.

Going into this, we could all remember Lesnar demolishing Cena at SummerSlam. Most hoped it would happen here, and we’d see Reigns get his ass kicked. This happened for the first part of this match but Reigns seemed to be loving it. Reigns got his offence on the beast, but Brock managed to regain control.

Both men were down and out, so Seth Rollins saw his opportunity to cash in his money in the bank contract, mid match! The Triple Threat match then started with Rollins hitting the curbstomp to the Champion. Lesnar was not fully damaged by this, as he got up and looked to hit the F5 on Rollins. Reigns speared Lesnar before he had the chance to, and Rollins hit the curbstomp to the number one contender to win his first WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

Rollins became the first person to cash in mid match, and it was actually done very well. It’s probably my favourite moment of the year! This one is ranked so highly because it felt like such an important match up, and of course, Rollins won the championship.

3. Dean Ambrose vs Seth Rollins for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship – Money in the Bank


This match managed to showcase the skills of both these competitors. Most of the the first half of the match was just these two in the ring, without any ladders or other weapons. Many people complained that it was a very slow match, but I loved them trying to weaken each other before reaching for the title.

As soon as the ladder was added into the mix, Ambrose took control of things. One of the best spots in the match was Ambrose’s elbow drop from the top of the ladder onto his former Shield partner. Seth decided to then attack the left leg of Dean’s to make it harder for him to climb the ladder.

Ambrose started to mount his return with a wicked clothesline to Rollins in the ring before Rollins was hit with a back drop onto a ladder held between the ring and the announce table. The Lunatic Fringe looked to have won the WWE World Heavyweight Championship after he hit a dirty deeds to Rollins on a table. However, Seth Rollins decided to go back to attacking the knee of Ambrose.

Rollins then hit two powerbombs into the security barrier, before finally hitting one onto chairs piled on a ladder. Both men got up and scaled the ladder, where they both had hold of the title. They both dropped to the ring fumbling the title, but Rollins managed to have the tighter grasp.

This was one of the best ladder matches I had ever seen. Some of the spots were actually insane, and it made both men look good in my opinion. One of the biggest things at the time was that this was the first time Seth had retained his title without any help, which really did put him over.

2. Kevin Owens vs Finn Balor for the NXT Champioship – NXT Takeover: Brooklyn

SummerSlam was a pretty disappointing event in my eyes, so thank god we had one of the best shows of the year the night before with Takeover Brooklyn! Kevin Owens was chasing the title that he had lost in Japan to the Demon Finn Balor.

First of, Finn Balor’s entrance was just insane! The two started off in similar fashion as Ambrose and Rollins in the ring trying to weaken each other. After some hard shots, Owens set up the ladder against Balor on the outside. It looked as though Kevin Owens was looking for a massive impact move by going halfway up the entrance way, but as he approached the champion, he slowed down to walking pace and hit him with a punch. It’s those small things that I just love about Kevin Owens.

They battled in the crowd and around the ring before Balor hit an amazing dive over the top rope to Owens on the floor. The two exchanged some hard hitting blows on the ladder, culminating in Balor hitting the Coup De Grace on the number one contender. One of the best spots was Balor attempting to hit a hurricanrana on Owens, but Owens threw him down with a powerbomb.

Owens tried to hit a T Bone superplex off the ladder, but The Demon managed to counter and Owens fell onto a ladder, which did not move at all! Balor was within grasp of the championship, but he decided to hit the Coup De Grace once again from the top of the ladder! He regained strength, and climbed the ladder to retain his NXT Championship.

I’ve put this higher than Ambrose vs Rollins because of the emotion told in this match. Not to mention, Balor and Owens have been two of the best in ring workers this year. I really haven’t given this match enough justice, you need to see it for yourself!

1. Bayley vs Sasha Banks for the NXT Women’s Championship – NXT Takeover: Brooklyn


I think the majority of people will agree with me when I say that this was by far the best match of 2015. The emotion and ring psychology in this one was second to none.

Bayley and Sasha Banks are two of the best female wrestlers on either roster right now, so it just makes sense that this was an amazing match. They spent most of the match with end to end moves, as everyone looked in awe.

Sasha Banks started to target the right hand of Bayley, using the steel steps to weaken the challenger. Sasha Banks came back in the ring to break the count, and flew over the referee to dive onto Bayley on the outside. Sasha Banks locked in the Bank Statement, whilst kicking the out stretched hand of Bayley.

Bayley tried to come back with a Bayley to Belly, but The Boss kicked out after 2. Bayley then hit a backwards hurricanrana or something, I’ve never seen anything like that before! The crowd went crazy for it. Bayley then hit a Bayley to Belly to pin Sasha Banks to become the new NXT Women’s Championship.

It just goes to show how far women’s wrestling has come that most people have said they had the match of the year. I really hope the WWE can capitalise of their success into this year!

Thanks again for reading guys! I hope you enjoyed my list. Remember to let me know what you thought was the match of 2015 on twitter! Stay tuned some time for my top 5 Superstars of 2015!

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