WWE TLC 2015 Preview/Predictions

Thanks for coming back to check my TLC predictions. I apologise that I haven’t blogged enough recently. Let me know on Twitter if you would like to see anything. I’m currently looking back at 2 old PPVs for 2 people, so again let me know on Twitter if you want me to blog about something. I’ve been doing some Twitter polls about your predictions, so I’ll add them below too!

Rusev vs Ryback 


This is a dull feud, and I honestly do not care about the result of this match! Rusev should win though. It’ll be nice to see him back as a credible heel again. 59% of you agree with this one.

The ECW Originals (Bubba Ray & Devon Dudley, Tommy Dreamer and Rhyno) vs The Wyatt Family (Bray Wyatt, Luke Harper, Erick Rowan and Braun Strowman in a Tables Elimination Match


On paper, a tables elimination should steal the show, but I’m not too sure this will. ECW Originals are way past their best, and the Dudley Boyz haven’t really made an impact since returning. Not to mention the poor in ring skills of Bray Wyatt and Braun Strowman.

What will be cool though is the fact that we’ll see at least 4 men going through tables. I think it will be The Wyatt Family winning this one. I can’t see why WWE would want to ruin the credibility of The Wyatts even more. I think they’ll survive with all 4 men on their team. 2/3 of you guys on Twitter have said that you think The Wyatt Family will win too.

Jack Swagger vs Alberto Del Rio in a Chairs Match for the United States Championship


First of all, why does chairs matches exist?! Probably the worst gimmick match ever. It’s kind of nice seeing Swagger back in a feud, but at the same time, I wouldn’t miss him if he wasn’t on the card. I’m not too sure who will win this one though, so I’ll go with you guys! 55% said Alberto Del Rio, so I’ll go with that!
The Usos vs The Lucha Dragons vs The New Day in a ladder match for the WWE Tag Team Championships


This one has the potential to steal the show! Kalisto will be pulling off all sorts of spots for us here. I’ve actually quite enjoyed seeing The Usos return, so I wouldn’t mind them coming away with the titles here. One thing is for certain – The Lucha Dragons will not win tonight. 20% said they think The Lucha Dragons will win, 36% say The Usos, but 44% said they think The New Day will come away with the victory.

Paige vs Charlotte for the Divas Championship


Just as a side note, it was interesting to see Charlotte’s tweet saying she wants to see the Women’s Championship back.. I’ve enjoyed seeing Charlotte perform heel tactics over the past couple of weeks. Ric Flair’s involvement works perfectly for me. She’s still a little green on the mic, but that can easily improve. I can see her holding the title until WrestleMania actually, and set up a feud with Sasha Banks. Paige has been performing really well in the last couple of weeks as well! This was a close one on Twitter, 52% of you agree with me.

Dean Ambrose vs Kevin Owens for the Intercontinental Championship


This one will be the best match of the night, I’m sure of that. This feud hasn’t been amazing, but the pay off match will be worth it. These two are two of the best workers on the main roster right now, so I really am looking forward to this. I don’t actually mind who wins this, because I know both men will be good champions. I think Owens will retain though. 57% have said they think Ambrose will win here, different from me!

Roman Reigns vs Sheamus in a TLC match for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship


I never thought I’d say this, but I want Reigns to win the title tonight. Sheamus has been an awful champion. I’d enjoy it if he looked like he used to, didn’t dance around with New Day and didn’t have a shit Sheamus 5:15 gimmick going on.

I think Sheamus will retain though, purely because he’s looked like shit on every Raw since Survivor Series. I really hope maybe Lesnar returns at the Rumble to win the title – never thought I’d say that either! This one is very close. 51% of you have said Roman Reigns will become a 2 time world champion.

Thanks for reading this one guys! Let me know your thoughts on my predictions, and whether you liked me using the Twitter Polls here or not! I’m not too sure if I’ll be staying up tonight for it, but I’ll catch you guys around! Thanks again.

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