This Week in Wrestling – 1

So I’m hoping this will turn out to be a long series of mine, with a weekly post about the world of wrestling. Let me know each week what you’d like me to cover over at twitter!

Hell in a Cell

Hell in a Cell was just over a week ago, and I was actually very disappointed with it really. The debut of Alberto Del Rio was a nice little surprise, but a very half-hearted match from then. My favourite match of the night was actually Reigns vs Wyatt. It was a great match, and good use of the extreme rules conditions. I don’t really mind Taker vs Wyatts at Survivor Series, but I do hope it’s just a one PPV thing.

There was not enough emphasis on Kane vs Rollins! It did not feel like a World Heavyweight Championship match! Brock Lesnar vs Taker was good, but the rest was just a sub standard card for me.


Following one of the worst PPVs of the year, was one of the best Raws this year. The tournament idea was brilliant to see! It just shows that they have the talent there to produce good shows, but most of them are just booked awfully! Roman Reigns becoming number 1 contender did not surprise me, and I’m actually really starting to enjoy his matches!


Halloween SmackDowns are always pretty fun! Boo Dallas was the highlight of the night for me! The Wyatts beating Ryback, Ambrose and Cesaro was good – it made me question who will be on The Undertaker’s team. I loved Ziggler vs The Miz too! Who doesn’t love a good superkick to a pumpkin?


Another good show from the guys down at Full Sail once again. Not quite on par with previous shows, but the main event was awesome! Tyler Breeze and Samoa Joe worked the best match of the week for me here!

WWE 2K16

Some of you may know that I haven’t actually got the game yet, but I’m saving up for a PS4. From what I’ve seen from the likes of DenkOps and Will Power, my career looks awesome! I cannot wait to climb the ranks from NXT to the main roster when I get it!


Some pretty damn good podcasts this week! Jericho had a very good one with Shelton Benjamin earlier in the week – WWE really wasted that guy! Austin spoke in-depth with former WCW wrestler Mark Bagwell. I didn’t really know too much about his private life, and how he got into the business, but it was a good little insight! I might just have to buy The good.. The bad.. The Buff online!

So not too much to talk about here! I’ve probably missed some out, but I’m sure you guys will ask me over at Twitter for my thoughts on things from this week. I’ll become a little better at knowing how to write these type of blog posts as the weeks go by hopefully! Thanks for reading guys!

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