Look Back at SummerSlam: WWF SummerSlam 1991

WWF returned to New York City for the 4th annual SummerSlam event. This is also my 4th recap of SummerSlam – you should know where to find the rest by now. Hope you enjoy!

Date – August 26th 1991

Venue – Madison Square Gardens, New York City, New York

Attendance – 20,000

Special Mentions

Bret Hart vs Mr Perfect (with The Coach) for the Intercontinental Championship


This match was between two of the best in ring workers ever in my eyes. It just takes you back to when the Intercontinental Championship actually meant something.  Perfect played the heel in this match up, as he did last year when he lost the title. The match opened with Bret Hart on the attack. Mr Perfect decided enough was enough, and started to walk out to the back before Hart came and stopped him. This break though helped Mr Perfect, as he started to get the better of the Hitman, before Bret got a quick near fall from a roll up.

Jesus, The Coach was so annoying with his whistle! He was blowing it for no reason! Bret was slowly wearing down Mr Perfect and he tried to lock in the Sharpshooter. The Coach however jumped to the apron to distract Bret, but he was knocked off immeadiatley (thank god!). Bret Hart almost lost control of the match, but he managed to finally get the Sharpshooter in on Mr Perfect, to become the new Intercontinental Championship. This was by far the best match on the card.

Ted DiBiase (with Sensational Sherri) vs Virgil for the Million Dollar Championship


A pointless fact here for you – The Million Dollar Belt was made by Betteridge Jewellers in Greenwich, CT. In 1989, it cost $40,000 to make, which equates to about $200,000 these days!

Virgil had been DiBiase’s bodyguard turned servant for many years now, but he decided that enough was enough. He came into this one fired up! The first few minutes were dominated by him. Halfway through this match, Bobby Heenan came down to commentary (not really relevant…).

The Million Dollar Man started his come back on Virgil thanks to help from the steel steps. Virgil had DiBiase in a submission. Just as it seems he had it won, Sherri hit Virgil with her purse, to end the match by disqualification.

However, Earl Hebner decided that Sherri had to leave ringside, and the match would continue. Virgil gained momentum from this, with multiple punches to the champion in the corner. With the referee down though, DiBiase seemed to of had the match won. After a piledriver, DiBiase attempted the pin, only to find the referee was still down. Virgil countered by throwing The Million Dollar Man into the exposed turnbuckle, and just about got the pin, to win the coolest looking belt ever!

Main Event

Sargeant Slaughter, Colonal Musafa and General Adnan vs Hulk Hogan and The Ultimate Warrior. Sid Justice as a Special Referee.


I am so bloody bored of seeing Hulk Hogan matches! Him and the Ultimate Warrior were in control in the early stages of this, despite being a man lighter than their opponents. I’m not too sure what Sid was doing as the referee here?

Anyway, as Slaughter’s team gained control, I did notice that Adnan can do nothing but a back scrape! Adnan and Musafa were awful in the ring. Slaughter spent most of the tine being the active superstar.

The Ultimate Warrior chased Adnan and Musafa out to the back. With Sid distracted, Hogan used powder to blind Slaughter, and he was able go hit The Leg Drop for the quick win. Thank god that was over!

Randy Savage and Miss Elizabeth’s wedding


The last 20 minutes of the night was taken up by Randy Savage and Miss Elizabeth. The Macho Man got down on one knee, and proposed to Elizabeth, in which she replied “oooohh yeah!”. 

A podium was set in the middle of the ring for their wedding. It was a bit pointless though, as they were married in real life already! I was hoping that something was going to happen, but it was just a bog standard wedding! I litlle waste of time for me though! 

All in all, it was a sweet wedding, but I’m not too sure why it was hyped up so much!

I really did not enjoy this SunmerSlam.. It had a pretty weak undercard, and an awful main event. Bret Hart vs Mr Perfect was an excellent match though – by far my favourite! What did you guys think of SunmerSlam 1991? Let me know over at Twitter! Thanks for reading guys!

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