WWE Battleground 2015 Review

Sheamus vs Randy Orton


We started off the night with a very strong in-ring match up. Straight from the get go however, Randy Orton looked very lackluster. Orton started strong as he threw Sheamus into the security wall and gained full control in the early stages. Sheamus worked well as a heel though, slowing down the pace of the match a little bit, with 3 back breakers. He then tried to spear Orton in the corner, but he ended up meeting the steel ring post instead, to allow both to try to regain some energy. Orton dropped Sheamus onto the announced table, following a series of punches from both men, and as they got back into the ring, Orton hit his powerslam. Sheamus started his offence again however, with a rolling senton, which has to be one of my favourite moves right now!

The momentum remained with Sheamus, where he got a near fall after White Noise. Orton got back into the match with a T-Bone superplex, following it up with a superplex from the top rope which was so easy on the eye. Just as Orton was about to hit the RKO, Sheamus hit the Brogue Kick, sending both competitors down. Following the Cloverleaf, a missed Brogue Kick helped Orton hit an RKO to win the match.

This was a brilliant opening match, with end to end action. It really was a great WRESTLING match. I’m not too sure where to go next for these two. The feud wasn’t too good, and so I hope it doesn’t continue to Summerslam. I really enjoyed this match though.

The New Day vs The Prime Time Players


The defending champions came down in their weird gold trunks to match their tag titles. Kingston and Young started things in this tag contest. The New Day control most of this slow match, which was highlighted by the ever annoying Xavier Woods at ringside. They were ripping Young apart with a splash from Big E on the apron. When he did he get the hot tag to Titus, he destroyed both members of The New Day.

Xavier Woods got involved by attacking O’Neil from behind, to help Kofi mount some offence which O’Neil countered to get a tag to Darren Young. Kofi and Big E did tag, which Jerry Lawler completely missed! But Titus got the pin on Big E to retain. I wanted to see Rowan and Harper come into the tag team scence, but with their return to Bray Wyatt, that doesn’t seem to be on the cards right now. So again, I’m not too sure where this one will go.

Bray Wyatt vs Roman Reigns


Man I found this match boring! Bray Wyatt is just too slow in the ring! Luke Harper appeared though to attack Reigns near the end, and helped Wyatt hit the Sister Abigail for the win. I’m glad the Wyatt family are back! All 3 (assuming Rowan joins too) have looked very lost since they broke up. This feud looks like it will unfortunately continue through to Summerslam now. I hate Bray Wyatt matches!

Charlotte vs Sasha Banks vs Brie Bella

This was announced by Stephanie McMahon earlier in the night. I was glad to see such great talent being in a divas match for the first time in a while! One thing that I didn’t enjoy though, was that it was such a big advert for NXT. Brie Bella was always the one down in the corner, to let Banks and Charlotte fight it out. It wasn’t a bad thing, because we got to see some awesome wrestling, but we all know what NXT is about these days!

Charlotte got the win with the Figure-8 on Brie. She barely had it locked in before Brie tapped! I would’ve prefered Sasha Banks to win, but I was just happy that it wasn’t Brie! I’m not too sure what they’ll do at Summerslam. A triple threat 9 woman tag team match sounds a bit too messy for my liking, but it’s great to see them have so much of the spotlight!

Kevin Owens vs John Cena


Prepare yourself for a little rant here! For me, the whole point of a finishing move is to be so good, that it makes it hard for competitors to get back up after it. Having a superstar kick out of one finisher once a PPV is pretty cool to see, but this match was just way too far. Cena hit two AAs, and even one from the second rope, which Owens kicked out of the all the pin attempts after them. This is ridiculous! What is the point in having a finishing move when it finishes nothing? You go into matches expecting to see multiple finishing moves now, which makes the customer less interested in the early stages of the match.

This whole feud is to help put over Kevin Owens as the next top heel. Naturally, you’d expect to see his finisher be protected, and look like a powerful move. Owens hit the pop up powerbomb twice in this match, yet still lost. What kind of protection is that? I find it such stupid booking! It puts no one but Cena over, who doesn’t need any help in going over!

Cena gets criticised for not having enough moves. We saw the leg drop from the top rope attempted twice, and the same with the springboard stunner. However, his problem is the rotation of his moves for me. The first time we saw his springboard stunner at WrestleMania, we all thought it was awesome! And it was! But now I hate it, purely because Cena’s used it in ever match since then, and it just gets so boring. They did that weird powerbomb flip in this match, as well as at Money in the Bank. That’s not a natural position that wrestlers are in every match, and so it’s clearly put on, just to do that move. It was cool to see it at Money in the Bank, because it was a new move. I’m already bored with it, and I’ve only seen it twice! Owens used the same moves from their previous two matches as well, which helps no one.

I am so bored of this feud. The matches have all been the exact same. Having their last two matches within two weeks, I now cannot distinguish what happened in what match, because they just get repeated. It seems they will have their last match at Summerslam now for the title again, and I am not looking forward to it. It’ll be another match which makes no logical sense.

Brock Lesnar vs Seth Rollins


The main event was extremely short this month! It was a lot better than I thought it was going to be, but that isn’t to say it was good. You guys should know now that I’m not really a fan of Brock Lesnar’s in ring work, because he has 2 moves. He used a german superplex 13 times, and his F5 once. Because if this, I see no reason as to why he is so over with the crowd?! It was good to see Rollins get a lot of offence on Brock Lesnar in the middle part of the match.

After the F5 to Rollins, Lesnar went for the pin, which was interupted by darkness and The Undertaker’s gong. When the lights came back up, Rollins and the referee had disappeared, and The Undertaker was there. Despite all the reports, I didn’t quite buy it that The Undertaker would return, so I guess it was a little surprise for me! After attacking Brock Lesnar with a low blow, he hit a chokeslam and two tombstones to end the night 15 minutes early.

It was cool to see The Undertaker back, and it will be pretty cool to see him face Brock Lesnar again at Summerslam.  But I can’t help but feel Seth Rollins is a little lost now. He has no J&J with him, and no one to feud with, so I’m not too sure what he’ll be doing at Summerslam?

If you guys have any ideas, let me know over at twitter! Tell me how you enjoyed the night, and your thoughts on the Cena Owens match. I’d rate this a strong 7/10 I think! I was quite pleased with the majority of the night! I’m also doing a catch up blog post now, so stick around for that, but thanks for reading guys!

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