General Catch Up Blog!

Raw last night

Raw last night was very hit and miss show for me. It was great to see The Undertaker on Raw, but his promo wasn’t all that amazing. I did enjoy the brawl with him and Brock however later in the show. The Seth Rollins and John Cena segment seemed a little off for me, and I really do not know what’s next for Rollins. The main event was also a bizzarre Teddy Long style tag match which was a bit random. Not the best of Raws, but good to see The Undertaker there!


As I’m sure you’re all aware, Summerslam will be on August 23rd. During the build up, I will be looking back on all of the previous Summerslam PPVs and reviewing them! I started this for WrestleMania, but my laptop got stolen unfortunately! But as I’m off college, I’ll be able to blog a lot more!

Near Fall Podcast

I’ve been speaking to the guys iver a The Near Fall podcast, and we’re trying to get me on their podcast! With the time zones though, it’s very hard to do, but we should be able to decide a time and date to do it. In the mean time though, go check out check out Joel and Cody on Podbean, iTunes and YouTube for free! Great wrestling podcast!

Lucha Underground

This is my favourite wrestling promotion right now! Their first season is almost up, but thankfully I’m extremely behind on it so I can catch up on it over the summer! Let me know if you want to see a weekly review on this podcast for the second season!


TNA really does look to be going out now! With Jeff Jarrett winning a legends King of the Mountain match, it seems GFW will have some sort of involvement in the future of TNA. Many people have been confused as to why they have employed many old school wrestlers, but to me it makes sense. Not many people will be drawn into a new promotion with a lot of unknown wrestlers, and so it’ll just take time to build up a reputation.


Thanks to you guys, we hit 1,000 view today! I’d like to thank you all for your support! It’s been a great 6 months here, so lets aim for another 1,000 views in the next 6 month?!

Thanks for reading this little catch up blog! Suggest things for me to blog about too! Being off college allows me a lot of time to blog now, so I should be able to do all! Thanks again guys!

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