Money in the Bank 2015 Review

We started off the night with a touching tribute to the late Dusty Rhodes. It was a brilliant moment for one of the biggest professional wrestler ever. Such a shame to see him go so early.

Money in the Bank ladder match


We started thing off with the gimmick match itself. The first few minutes was filled with people stupidly trying to climb the ladder with 6 fresh men around them. Sheamus then started to dominate things in the ring. Kingston soon stopped the Irishman’s progress though, and him and Neville the battled it out at the top of the ladder. Roman Reigns gave a powerbomb to Kofi Kingston, and my word! that looked like it hurt! Neville got the same treatment from Reigns, but Kofi was in between the man that gravity forgot, and the ladder. Kane soon chokeslammed Reigns off the ladder to try to claim the briefcase, but Randy Orton stopped him with an RKO.

Neville springboarded onto the ladder in the ring, and Orton gave another massive RKO! Possibly my favourite! Dolph Ziggler and Sheamus battled endlessly on the top of the ladder, before Ziggler hit a zig zag to send Sheamus falling. Neville them quickly climbed the top rope to hit the Red Arrow on Sheamus – man I love that! Neville and Ziggler teamed up on Kane with a ladder, but it soon backfired as Kane got the better of them. Reigns cleared Kane out of the ring, and he then dived over the top rope to the other 6 participants! With everyone out, Woods and Big E came out to help Kofi Kingston get the briefcase, which Reigns again broke up. Reigns scaled the ladder, before Bray Wyatt came in and hit the sister Abigail on him. The caused Sheamus to claim the briefcase and become Mr Money in the Bank after fending off from Neville.

Jeez this sucked. It had so much potential with high flyers like Neville and Kofi Kingston, but they provided no “spots” for us. As it stands, I can’t see where Sheamus will fit into the main event picture, so I’m not too sure why he’s got the briefcase. Reigns vs Wyatt at Battleground does not make me excited at all. Bray Wyatt needs to seriously improve.

Nikki Bella vs Paige for the WWE Divas Championship


The triple threat at Elimination Chamber with these two and Naomi was awful so I was hoping that this would be a lot better – and it was, but the finish was poor. We started off slowly with both Paige and Nikki getting the best of each other. As they went outside of the ring, Nikki dropped Paige of her face on the security wall. Nikki continued to take control of the match by spearing her into the apron.  Nikki used multiple variations of suplerplex on Paige in between some submission moves. Paige had her moments on top, but just could not mount any momentum.

Paige hit the Rampaiger on Nikki for a near fall. When Nikki was outside of the ring, Brie swapped with her twin sister, but Paige got the roll up on ‘Nikki’ for the win. Brie revealed her true identity, much to Paige’s anger, and then Nikki came up behind Paige and hit the rack attack to retain the Divas Championship.

The finish was poor for me. The Bellas did the same thing 2 weeks ago, so I wasn’t a fan of them doing it again. With Paige losing countless opportunities, who will be the nest to go up against Nikki? I’d personally like to see Natalya be in the championship frame. I didn’t understand all the other divas, both face and heel, watch on peacefully in the same room? Things like that annoy me so much – it just doesn’t make sense!

The Big Show vs Ryback for the WWE Intercontinental Championship


Unfortunately, The Miz was joining the commentary team, who I already don’t like, in a match I was not looking forward to. We started off with a very awkward spine buster to the The Big Show – Ryback was pumped! However he turned his attention to The Miz which allowed Big Show to take control. Ryback hit a superplex on the worlds largest athlete, which was pretty cool to see! Just as he was going for his second meat hook, the Big Show chokeslammed him, but only for a near fall.

The Miz attacked The Big Show to end the match. The Big Show won via disqualification, which was an awful way to end it. Big Show didn’t need the win, and Ryback doesn’t look strong from the finish. I so don’t hope they have a rematch at Battleground!

Kevin Owens vs John Cena


The crowd was pumped for this one! Owens got the upper hand at the beginning by stealing some of John Cena’s moveset, only for the veteran to counter for a near fall. We saw a couple of new moves from Cena which was so needed, and good to see. When Cena did finally hit an AA, Kevin Owens kicked out – which got no reaction from the crowd. This completely defeats the object of having a finishing move, when the crowd don’t even get excited from someone kicking out of it. WWE have shot themselves in the foot by making finishing moves look almost pointless.

Kevin Owens started some offence with a senton, and a powerbomb, most notably. He went fo the pop up powerbomb, but Cena shrugged it off to which Owens responded with a superkick. Owens got a few more near falls, which actually had me on the edge of my seat. Owens missed a moonsault from the top rope, and again, Owens kicked out of an AA. Again, I agree it helps make Owens look strong, but Cena’s AA looks shit now because of it, and that isn’t needed. Owens hit a pop up powerbomb, and Cena kicked out – I’m not even going to go there! Cena finally hit a third AA to pick up the win over Kevin Owens.

Yes, I agree the match was amazing, but the WWE really need to look into how to use finishing moves properly. With Owens attacking Cena at the end, I hope Cena will be out for Battleground, so that they can have their third match at Summerslam. Only good match so far.

The New Day vs The Prime Time Players for the WWE Tag Team Championships


The New Day dominated Darren Young early on in this match up. After countless double team moves on Darren Young, Titus O’Neil finally got the hot tag. Titus hit a powerbomb on Woods to pick up the victory, and the tag team titles.

I was quite surprised that the Prime Time Players picked up the win, but I’m happy with it! It was very short, but the fans didn’t seem to get behind it anyway.They’ll probably have a rematch at Battleground, but I’m not too sure where they’ll go with the tag team division after this.

Seth Rollins vs Dean Ambrose in a ladder match for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship


One thing I loved here is the fact that they only had 1 ladder to start off with. Many people say Shawn Michaels vs Razor Ramon was the best ever ladder match, purely because it was so simple. It was the two wrestlers, and just one ladder – which worked perfectly.

Ambrose hit a double arm superplex on Rollins before he hit the flying elbow from the top of the ladder. Seth Rollins stops the lunatic fringe from winning the match by attacking Ambrose’s legs with a steel chair. Rollins continued to attack the legs of Ambrose, which made Rollins look smart as it would be harder for Ambrose to climb the ladder.

These two just had an awesome match together. Ambrose threw Rollins over the ropes onto a ladder, almost snapping it in half. Dean then hit the dirty deeds on a very strong announce table. Seth Rollins started to powerbomb him twice on the guard rail, and then on a ladder before he buried him in chairs. They both climbed up the ladder to try to claim the title, and both fell down with it, but the impact favour Seth Rollins who retained the WWE World Heavyweight Championship in an amazing match.

I liked that there was no interference in this – it was a pleasant surprise! There were times where I wanted to skip because it was just so slow though. Rollins was made to look very clever during it all, they just need to book him correctly on Raw now. Brock Lesnar will reportedly be at Raw tonight, so we’ll see how this story line can continue. I don’t really see any creative reason for Ambrose the stay in the world title scene, so I don’t really know what will happen with him. I’m glad that Seth Rollins has retained though!

Overall, the night was pretty poor, with only 2 good matches worth the watch. I was extremely disappointed with the Money in the Bank ladder match! Though I spent my whole weekend watching those matches for a blog post, so it might have just been because I was bored of the match type. Divas did improve here, but the tag team division seems to have no direction for me after Battleground. What were your thoughts on Money in the Bank? Let me know on Twitter! Thank you for reading this blog post tonight guys, it really does mean a lot! Remember you can request any type of blog post from me, and I’ll try my best to get it out for you. Thanks once again guys!

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