WWE Money in the Bank 2015 Preview/Predictions

I havenmt minded the build up to Money in the Bank, but the build up to the 7 man match itself has been pretty poor. It will not hurt for the return of longer build ups to PPVs with Battleground a month away now.

The New Day vs The Prime Time Players for the WWE Tag Team Championships


With Kidd out injured, it only seemed right that The Prime Time Players get the opportunity of the titles. I’ve actually enjoyed seeing Titus tear it up Raw and SmackDown, but I get the feel that many others aren’t fully behing PTP.

Because of this, I get the feeling thatvthe WWE will wait a little longer to put the titles on Titus and Young, and so The New Day will retain again. However, I’m not against The Prime Time Players winning this one.

The Big Show vs Ryback for the WWE Intercontinental Championship


This one will not be pretty. I’d rather see Sheamus instead of Big Show, which would make more sense in my eyes. This will just be a short feud to put Ryback over as a strong Champion for him to then go onto bigger an better things. What’s next for Big Show? I have no clue..

Ryback will win this one I think.

Nikki Bella vs Paige for the WWE Divas Championship


I seem to be saying the same thing every PPV for the Divas. I’d love to see Paige win, but creative will want to erase AJ Lee’s record. For this reason, I’m going with Nikki. But looking at the triple threat at Elimination Chamber, they need some NXT women to come to the main roster!

John Cena vs Kevin Owens


This one seems to be an untraditional feud for Cena. He normally loses the first match with someone, and then buries them. However, I don’t think this will happen with Owens. I think Owens will kick Cena’s ass so that he’s out injured until SummerSlam when they have their final match together in the feud. Saying this though, will Cena put over Owens?

Their match at Elimination Chamber was awesome! I hope it’s even better tonight. Owens win for me though.

Money in the Bank ladder match


This one seems to be the most ovbious one. Roman Reigns of course will win this! It’s been so clear. IT’s a shame really though, because he’s come across organically lately, the fans like him, but theyh won’t like him winning this match, as it’ll be seen as Vince ‘shoving him down our throats’. I’m not completely against it because it will lead to a Shield triple threat at WrestleMania.

I’d love to see Kofi Kingston win it though! I’d have The New Day use the freebird rule with the briefcase aswell, and make a storyline of Xavier Woods cashing in on the Intercontinental Championship ‘by accident’! That would be great! Kane makes sense aswell because of the pending feud with him and Seth Rollins. Some are actually saying Brock will show up and steal the briefcase! No chance! Reigns for me.

Seth Rollins vs Dean Ambrose – Ladder Match for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship


I love the ladder match stipulation for this. It’ll make it pretty exciting! But it will mean one thing – interference. Do not be surprised to see Kane and J&J somehow get involved. However, I don’t really know who they’ll be siding with! The WWE are clever with this one, trying to plant seeds that Ambrose will win, but I just don’t think he will just yet.

If Kane wins the Money in the Bank match, I think that he’ll help Seth Rollins win, and then attack him and cash in. No matter who wins the Money in the Bank match though, I think Seth Rollins will be victorious.

What are your predictions for tonight? Let me know on twitter (@ImThatWWEGuy). It’ll certainly be an interesting night ahead of us! Remember you can check out my look back of all previous 15 matches, to the right (I think!). My review will be out tomorrow for you guys, and my Raw review will be out on tuesday! Enjoy the PPV guys!

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