WWE Elimination Chamber 2015 Review

WWE Tag Team Championship Elimination Chamber match

I said on my preview that this match would either be the best on the card, or the worst. Unfortunately, it was the latter of the two. The first four minutes of the match was extremely dull, even with the high-flying Lucha Dragons involved. Kalisto was on top of The New Day’s pod for almost 4 minutes. The New Day were holding onto his legs for about 30 seconds, so why he couldn’t have got off in the other 3 and a half minutes are beyond me. Kidd and Cesaro came in first, but didn’t really do anything of note, apart from Cesaro helping Kalisto off a pod with a superplex. Just after Los Matadores came in, Kalisto hung from the top of the chamber. Cool right? Not at all. He looked extremely uncomfortable, and took forever to drop. The camera zoomed into Kalisto, but it must have looked so awkward with The Ascension and Cesaro just stood waiting for him. It was done awfully!

The Ascension then eliminated Los Matadores and The Lucha Dragons in quick succession, before The Prime Time Players entered the fray. Titus O’Neil was quick to go after Viktor, and The Ascension were soon eliminated. PTP and Kidd and Cesaro were all down for about a minute before the defending champions entered last. Tyson Kidd came up with the idea of ‘locking’ Xavier Woods in a pod to even things out. Again, it just didn’t work. Tyson Kidd couldn’t even open the door, and when he finally did, they just closed the door, without locking it?! I can see what they were trying to do, but it just didn’t look good. Titus was the only one in this match to use the chamber as a weapon, which made the match gimmick look cheap. Kofi Kingston hit the trouble in paradise on Titus, and all three members of the New Day pinned the big guy.

Cesaro was the only good thing in this match. He is so athletic, and made others in this match look like rookies. When him and Kidd split up, he’ll surely go onto bigger and better things. Titus O’Neil did also impress me. I liked The New Day being able to have 3 competitors, and entering last, as it just winds up some fans, which makes them even better heels. I don’t mind the result of this. However I would like to see the champions feud with Young and O’Neil in the next few weeks.

Divas Championship triple threat match

This one again, could’ve been a lot better. There was just nothing to it really. Nikki tried to kick Paige from the corner, but Paige was far too late to get there. They also talk to each other about next moves far too loudly for us to hear. This really was not a good match for the divas. It was far too short, and far too flat. Might it be time for Charlotte and Sasha Banks to be promoted from NXT?

I can’t gauge where the divas division is going right now. I think that Vince will put the record title reign on Nikki, in spite of AJ, but judging on this match, I think we’ll need to see some change. The NXT women need to come up, and do something. A nexus type storyline but with Divas wouldn’t be too bad?

Kevin Owens vs John Cena

Owens dominated the first few minutes. I couldn’t help but think that it would’ve turned into a typical Cena match where he’s down, until the end, where he wins the match. Of course we saw a John Cena comeback (though it did make sense), but he couldn’t hit the AA. Kevin Owens countered, with a pop up powerbomb, which I’m a massive fan of. John Cena show resiliency by kicking out though. Owens missed a moonsault from the top rope, for Cena to finally hit his finisher, which Owens did kick out of.

Owens stole the AA from Cena, but the 15 time world champion kicked out of. He then hit a tornado DDT to Owens, followed by his leg drop from the top rope, which was impressive. The springboard stunner was again used, and Cole said that it was a very successful move for Cena. From my recollection, I don’t think Cena has ever won a match with that? So it was just a load of crap from Cole. Soon enough, Kevin Owens hit the pop up powerbomb for a second time to beat Cena.

This was actually a very good match in my opinion. However, I’m really not a fan of people kicking out of finishers. The Near Fall Podcast touched on this for their Elimination Chamber predictions, and I agreed with everything they said. John Cena’s open challenge has been very good because we’ve seen some great mid card matches on Raw, but it’s made his AA look like any other move. It just looks weak now, which was not the situation years ago. The US Champ kicked out of a pop up powerbomb, which is Owens’ finisher. They want to put Owens over as a strong talent, and so he needs his finisher to be powerful. It’ll be interested to see what happens next. Owens is ready for the main roster, but it’s all about how he drops the NXT title.

Bo Dallas vs Adrian Neville

I didn’t really care about this one. To me, it’s a pre show quality match, and it really did feel like one to me. I liked Bo Dallas using the ring apron to his advantage though. It’s not something we see too much! It was entertaining at times, but nothing special at all. Neville hit the red arrow to pick up the win over Dallas.

This match was completely pointless. I was hoping that something may happen with Wyatt and Dallas teaming up together, but they had absolutely nothing. I really hope the two go their separate ways after this.

Intercontinental Championship Elimination Chamber match

It was a good surprise to see Mark Henry join this match. He started in a pod, as oppose to Ziggler and Barrett who started the match. It was just so dull before R Truth came in. When his pod did open, Barrett went into the pod to attack him. I actually liked this because it showed how hungry Barrett was for the IC title. Barrett control this one early on, however he made one key mistake. He threw Dolph Ziggler into Mark Henry’s pod which broke the door, letting Mark Henry enter the match. Very quickly, Ryback came into it. Everybody teamed up on the King of the Ring, before R Truth eliminated him.

When Sheamus was meant to enter, the door was stuck, and so he couldn’t come out. during this, Ryback hit the shell shock on R Truth to eliminate him. I still don’t understand how Sheamus ‘locked’ the pod, but he did something with his celtic cross necklace. He then threw Ziggler into the pod, breaking that one too. He hit the brogue kick on the world’s strongest man to eliminate him.

The three contested for a while. Ziggler hit the famouser on Sheamus, but it had no effect as the celtic warrior hit another brogue kick straight after to also eliminate Dolph Ziggler. Just as Ryback was starting to build so offence on Sheamus, he tried to retreat back to his BROKEN pod?! IT just makes no sense! The two battled for a little bit too long, but Ryback hit the shell shock, for his first singles championship.

This one was poor again. But I’m okay with Ryback winning it. The fans seem to be behind him with it. I had a strange feeling that he’d win, and I was correct! The passing over of the belt from Bryan to ‘The Ryback’ was pointless, and a little cringey. But I’ll be interested to see how they move on with the IC title. Will Ryback feud with Wyatt again?

Dean Ambrose vs Seth Rollins for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship

Dean Ambrose entered the arena with such a big cheer. He really is fan favourite right now. J&J Security distracted Ambrose and the referee countless times, for Rollins to take advantage of. But the early stages of the match were pretty boring. The lunatic fringe hit a Mick Foley-esque clothesline on the champion to spill the action outside of the ring. Rollins hit the powerbomb on the guard rail, which produced only a near fall for Rollins. It was a good quality singles match, but it soon turned a little bit messy.

Rollins used the referee as a guard from the flying Ambrose, which knocked the referee out. Ambrose hit the dirty deeds on Rollins causing a new referee to come out from the back, and count the 3 to make Dean Ambrose the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion. As Ambrose was celebrating with the title, the two referees had got into an argument. Lillian Garcia announced that Ambrose had won the match, but by dq which meant that Seth Rollins would retain. The authority started to beat down the #1 contender, where Roman Reigns came to help. They both cleared the ring, and left the arena via the fans with Dean Ambrose leaving with the belt, but not the official champion.

I can see what the WWE were trying to do with this, but it just did not work at all. In the ‘rule book’, causing harm to the referee is a disqualification, but there has been thousands of matches where this has happened, and there’s been no dq. Ambrose leaving with the belt was cool to see, especially with Reigns in his corner. I’ll be interested to see how this goes when it comes to Raw tonight.

Overall, it was a very poor night. There were plenty of things that made me consider how the WWE perceives their fans to be. Are we really going to buy that finish to the main event? No. Do we truly get excited to see someone NOT get locked in a pod again? No. In reality, John Cena vs Kevin Owens was the only match that satisfied me. The rest were either just messy, or stupid. With 2 weeks until Money in the Bank, it means they can quickly move on from this, which I think they need to do. It’ll be interesting to see how they can continue with the story lines leading into the next two Raws.

Thank you guys for reading this! It’s been a longer review than normal, but I feel it has a lot more information in it. BE sure to tell me your thoughts on the night over on Twitter – which you should know by now! If not, there’s a mini feed to my tweets to the right for you guys to access quickly. I hope you enjoyed my review, and I’ll see you again tomorrow for my Raw review!

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