WWE Raw Review 1 May 25th 2015

The Authority Segment

Raw started proceedings with a touching minute silence to thank those American troops who put their life on the line for their country. The commentary team then looked back at Dean Ambrose’s threat to Seth Rollins last week. Despite Rollins bashing Dean Ambrose, the crowd was fully behind the lunatic fringe. Triple H called Ambrose out to sign a contract for the World Heavyweight match at Elimination Chamber. As soon as his music hit, the crowd went wild! Dean Ambrose is so good on the mic! He started to called the authority some names, including Justin Bieber towards Seth Rollins, which got the crowd chanting “Justin Bieber’ at the Champion.

Ambrose was about the hit the ring, but then Roman Reigns made his way through the crowd to help out his former shield buddy. Stephanie McMahon announced the next match. This was a fairly good opening segment, it did it’s just by setting up the tag team match, and the crowd were behind it. This was mainly because of Dean Ambrose though, he’s so popular right now!

Kane and Seth Rollins vs Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose

This match was okay for me, nothing too special. It was extremely even between the two teams, but Ambrose got a leverage pin on Seth Rollins. The finish was good because we could be seeing the same situation this Sunday. Reigns has also improved with the fans. Remember back when he won the Royal Rumble, and there was an uproar? That seems so long ago now! He’s over with the fans again.

Rusev vs R Truth

This match was extremely short, with Rusev putting Truth in an accolade early on. Rusev came down with a Bulgarian flag. Are we all just going to forget about him being Russian or? He then asked Lana to come down to the ring, to say sorry. After they exchanged words, Lana agreed to stay with Rusev, before he told her to admit she was wrong, over the I Quit match at Payback. Lana left the ring, where Ziggler came out to kiss her, right in front of Rusev.

Dean Ambrose ‘assaulted’ a cameraman, where he got arrested.

Ryback vs King Barrett

This one was to build excitement for the Elimination Chamber match this Sunday. Ryback was still selling the injured ribs, with the bandages, caused by Bray Wyatt at Payback. This was quite a slow match really, and nothing really to note. Ryback picked up the win over the King of the Ring.

Stardust vs Neville

Stardust was just controling Neville with his injured knee. Bo Dallas showed up halfway through this lack-luster match, and business still did not pick up. Neville turned things around and got the win over Stardust. Bo Dallas then attacked Neville after their match, again, targeting the injured knee

Dolph Ziggler vs Sheamus

These two never fail to have a good match. They are always very close, and very brutal. Lana decided to make her was to the entrance ramp to watch her new guy closer. Ziggler was getting many near falls, but Rusev distracted him, to help Sheamus pick up the win. Rusev attacked Ziggler straight after his loss, and stared down Lana at every chance he had.

John Cena Open Challenge

As he came out, the fans chanted “John Cena sucks”, but he just accepts that he does split people’s opinions. He came out to say a few words before his match, as he always does, and addressed Kevin Owens last week. Zack Ryder answered the open challenge. This was actually an impressive match. It’s a shame that such a good worker in Ryder is getting nothing in terms of creative. He showed a bunch of talent here, but John Cena retained his title (surprisingly).

Tamina vs Paige

The Divas match was actually quite late on in the card. The Bellas joined the commentary team, much to my dislike, because it always takes the shine of the match away. Tamina got the win over Paige, with help from Naomi.

10 on 3 Handicap match

This one was just a fun match to build for the first ever tag team championship elimination chamber match. The match didn’t really start! It blew up between all 6 teams. The New Day came out on top for this one, before Kidd and Cesaro got the upper hand.

Closing Segment

This was basically the same as the beginning of the show! They played on Dean Ambrose getting arrested that night, due to attacking a cameraman. The Authority said that they could not go too much into Dean Ambrose due to legal reasons. They were about to announce that the match would be cancelled, when Reigns came straight in going for the authority. This backfired for Reigns, as he ended up on the floor, with the authority surrounding him.

Sirens then played in the arena, with a police truck coming into the arena. Dean Ambrose came into the ring with a nightstick. After exchanging some blows, Dean Ambrose signed the contract to confirm the match this Sunday at Elimination Chamber.

Overall it was a fairly decent Raw, but nothing too special. I’m very excited for the return of Elimination Chamber this sunday though! Dean Ambrose is so hot right now with the fans! We could be seeing him walk away with the Championship at Elimination Chamber.

I will be doing Raw reviews for a while now, due to exams easing off. I will do an Elimination Chamber preview/predictions post later this week to build up for that. If you would like to see any blog posts done, just let me know over on twitter (@ImThatWWEGuy), or comment here. Just want to give a little shout out to The Near Fall Podcast (@NearFallPod on twitter). Go check them out on Podbean and iTunes! We could be seeing some pretty cool developments with them. Thanks for reading guys, and I hope you enjoyed!

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