WWE Raw 6th April 2015 Review

The Authority segment

We kicked off Raw with The Authority, minus Triple H and Stephanie, in the ring. Seth Rollins looked back on WrestleMania 31, by claiming it was the best in history as The Authority had a great night, with Big Show winning the pointless Battle Royale, Triple H beating Sting, and more importantly, Rollins himself winning the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. There was some humor when Seth inadvertently pointed out that Kane doesn’t really do anything anymore. The director of operations soon stamped down his authority (pun intended), to set up a #1 contender triple threat match, where the winner would face Seth Rollins at Extreme Rules. Ryback, Reigns, and Orton would all compete, before squaring off later that night.

I’m glad that they’ve decided to go down the route of Orton wanting a match for the title. It makes more sense, than to just ignore him. But could we be seeing Kane split from The Authority? As Seth pointed out, he does nothing, and so him out of the authority would leave him with nothing.

Kane vs Randy Orton

Kane called this one straight off the previous segment. This was pretty short, but end to end. Orton was about to hit the RKO, before Kane rolled out of the ring, only to pick up a chair and get himself disqualified.

Seth Rollins vs Neville

This was great booking by the WWE. Neville has just gone from NXT to the main roster, and now he’s facing the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Seth was constantly on top in this one, but Neville always refused to give up. This reminded me a lot of John Cena’s debut on SmackDown against Kurt Angle. Rollins got the win, which is perfect booking. This is because we have the champion being strong, and not losing to a ‘rookie’, but it also showcased what great things that Neville can do in the ring. Loved it.

John Cena vs Stardust

I must admit, it’s pretty cool that Cena is defending his title every week on Raw, as it gets more mid carders to look strong against the best in the business. That’s why he was put into the mid card. But I must mention his awful t-shirt design! Does he think it looks good?! This was another entertaining match, with Cena picking up the win. Just like it did with Ambrose, this made Stardust look good, and give the mid card a spot light. He did use the springboard stunner again. It’s the first new move he has had in a while, so I really hope he doesn’t over use it now.

The Bella Twins vs Naomi and Paige

The way the story line seems to be going, is giving Naomi a title shot, with her recent form. This was basically the same match as last week, minus the now retired AJ, and Natalya. Naomi got the pin, on the Divas Champion, which is a pretty big clue, that she’ll be getting a title shot. Another fairly decent and long match from the divas. It was later announced that there would be a battle royale next week on Raw to determine the #1 Contenders for the Divas Championship.

Ryback vs Luke Harper

Can someone please tell me why Ryback is getting a push? He’s a fairly boring superstar in my eyes, and he looks awful! He did pick up the win, in a fairly pointless match, that just led to the main event.

The New Day vs The Lucha Dragons

Sin Cara and Kalisto put in another strong tag team performance. Kalisto is just so fun to watch, he does remind me of a young Rey Mysterio. I can see them entertaining us for a long time, but I can’t really see them becoming tag team champions any day soon. The New Day have no direction now really. At least Xavier Woods actually did something. The Lucha Dragons picked up another win for themselves.

Roman Reigns vs Big Show

We’ve seen this match so many times before lately, I was not looking forward to it. It was so boring! I really hope that Roman Reigns doesn’t become the superstar who always struggles against big opponents, and ‘never gives up’ like Cena with his push. But after being down for most over the match, Reigns over came The Big Show to win.

Sheamus vs Mark Henry

I love that Sheamus is a heel, but he looks so stupid! This was another flat match in the quiet section of Raw. Sheamus got the win with a brogue kick. As I said before, I just hope his heel turn isn’t ruined by his truly awful look!

The Miz vs Damien Mizdow

Why is he still refered to as Mizdow?! Surely he should have a full turn back to Sandow? That doesn’t make sense to me. I also found it odd that these two were facing each other on Raw, rather than something like the pre show of Extreme Rules? Miz got the role up on Mizdow to win, but looking at this match, it seems that Mizdow is actually a much more talented wrestler than The Miz

Randy Orton vs Ryback vs Roman Reigns

This one wasn’t really given a lot of time, it felt very rushed. I was frustrated when The Authority came down to the ring as I thought it would lead to a no contest. But I was very happy that Orton picked up the win with an RKO on Ryback. Seth Rollins had the last laugh though as he curb stomped Orton after the match. But I’m now looking forward to seeing Randy Orton vs Seth Rollins for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at Extreme Rules!

I actually really enjoyed this Raw. It seemed that the WWE had a major dip before WrestleMania, but since, it’s been pretty good in my eyes. I loved the Neville vs Rollins match early on, and I love the fact that they are going with Orton vs Rollins at Extreme Rules. However, they need to focus more on the matches that lay between the first 3, and the main event. For about an hour every week, the show dips in quality, and then picks up again at the end.

Thanks for reading guys! Remember to keep on sending in your suggestions for some more blog posts, and tell me your thoughts on Raw on twitter (@ImThatWWEGuy). I’m also on the WWE Supercard app now, so mention me if we do happen to square off! Thanks!

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