WWE Raw 30th March 2015 Review

Brock Lesnar Promo

A pissed off Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman made their way to the ring to kick off the first Raw after Mania. Heyman looked over last night’s events, and announced that Brock was evoking his rematch clause later that night. Stephanie then came down to explain that Seth Rollins was not there yet, but will be more than welcome to defend. The fans were majorly excited by this opening. It was short, snappy, and effective.

Dolph Ziggler vs Daniel Bryan for the Intercontinental Championship

These two were the last two on the ladder at WrestleMania. I’d love to see a strong rivalry between the two for a long time now. BNB joined the commentary team ringside. This was such a strong match up from both sides. There were plenty of high impact moves, and high risk maneuvers. The head butts near the end were pretty stupid in my eyes, but Daniel Bryan won with the running knee.

BNB was pretty good on commentary, and went to attack Bryan and Ziggler after their match, but was stopped by Sheamus. It seemed that the mohawked Sheamus would return as a face, but hit the brogue kick on Bryan, and white noise to Ziggler for his heel turn. It is great to see Sheamus, but what an awful beard! YOU LOOK STUPID.

The New Day and The Lucha Dragons vs The Ascension and Tyson Kidd and Cesaro

Sin Cara has featured regularly on the main roster, but it was the debut for Kalisto. I actually really enjoyed this one. It was a great way for the WWE to showcase some of the great under-card performers in a pretty entertaining match. The fans loved it too so it seemed. They started a ‘New Day suck’ chant, which might be played into a possible story line, and they showed their appreciation for the talent coming up from NXT. Kalisto got the win with the Salina Del Sol.

Brock Lesnar vs Seth Rollins

This one was about to start before Seth Rollins complained that he was jet lagged, and so the title would not be defended. This angered Brock so much, that he flipped and attacked everyone in sight. He clotheslined J&J security, before tossing them over a table. He tipped the announcer table to hurt JBL and Booker T, yet somehow Michael Cole wasn’t behind there. He instead got F5ed in the ring. Brock also attacked a cameraman.

Stephanie McMahon came out to then suspend Brock Lesnar. This was a crazy segment, and fans loved how pissed off Brock Lesnar was! The suspension will mean that Brock can have some time off TV, and not use up his contracted appearances. What a great moment this was!

Stardust vs Mizdow

After the attack on the commentary team, Byron Saxton called this one. It was a pretty awful match though. It only lasted a few minutes, and the crowd were flat as hell. Mizdow picked up the win, but his celebrations were stopped by The Miz. These two should face each other at Extreme Rules in just under a month now, but one thing I don’t understand is if Mizdow didn’t want to be with The Miz anymore, why does he still where Miz’s outfit?

Curtis Axel vs Neville

We saw another NXT performer make his debut on Raw, in Neville. But I don’t understand why he’s dropped his first name? He hit the Red Arrow within 2 minutes, and got the win over Curtis Axel. This was extremely short, and it didn’t really showcase Neville that well. One thing I did realise from this match, is that Saxton is awful on commentary.

John Cena vs Dean Ambrose

The new United States champion was greeted with a chorus of boos, and ‘Cena sucks’ chants. He then sent out an open challenge for anyone to go for his US title, which Dean Ambrose accepted. Jerry Lawler did join Byron Saxton on commentary, thankfully! This match was a classic though! It showed what Dean Ambrose really can do when going against the best in the business. He kicked out of an AA, and managed to escape an STF, before stealing the submission move himself. John Cena did pick up the win to retain, but could we be seeing a push for Ambrose?

Paige, AJ Lee and Naomi vs The Bella Twins and Natalya

This match will hopefully put Natalya and Naomi in the scene for the divas Championship. They were given a lot of time in this Raw, and they used it to the best of their ability. The fans loved the pretty decent action, in which the faces got the win as Naomi pinned Nikki after the rear view.

Goldust vs Rusev

This was a match that seemed to fill a bit of time. It was clear as soon as his music hit, that Rusev would win this one. He got the accolade onĀ Goldust to win. Where does Goldust go from now though? He’s getting on a bit now, but he needs a send off match. That seemed to be a match with Stardust at WrestleMania 31, but the WWE scrapped plans for that.

Seth Rollins, Kane and Big Show vs Randy Orton, Ryback and Roman Reigns

Hopefully we’ll see Randy Orton and Seth Rollins fight it out at Extreme Rules for the WWE Heavyweight Championship, but for now, they squared off in a 6 man tag to close out Raw. The match itself was pretty poor, but the fans more than made up for it! They were great! It all blew up in the ring towards the end. Ryback hit the shell shock on Big Show, before Rollins curb stomped him. Rollins then ran onto the entrance ramp, before Kane was hit by an RKO and a Spear to finish it off.

This was an amazing Raw in my eyes. It reminded me of an attitude era Raw, with Brock kicking off, and the fans going mental over it. It did seem a lot edgier than before, so could it be possible that we are seeing a brand new era of wrestling? Let me know what you thought of Raw in the comments, and at twitter @ImThatWWEGuy. Thanks for reading guys!

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