WWE WrestleMania 31 Predictions

The New Day vs Los Matadores vs The Usos vs Cesaro and Tyson Kidd

The build up to the tag title match has been poor, and so it doesn’t surprise anyone with their slot on the pre-show. On paper however, this could be a pretty good match up. The New Day have slowly improved, Los Matadores are very strong with their in-ring ability, And the champions are on top of their game right now. The only downside, is a minor injury to Jey Uso. I would expect that there is enough talent from the 7 other guys in this match, for the it to still be a good one.

This is a great opportunity for the WWE to completely reshape the tag team division. They need to keep the titles on Kidd and Cesaro, for a long time now. They can defend their titles numerous times, against many different opponents, just to let time pass on so that they can get new competitors and teams in. Then come Summerslam time, their tag team division is thriving, with very competitive matches each week

Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royale

This one seems a little pointless to me. Some say that this has been moved to the pre-show to give way for the winner to compete again that night. This could mean the numbers could be made up in the IC ladder match, with the winner taking part in that match too.

I hope that the WWE go with a younger star in this. Kane, Big Show and Mark Henry all feature in this, but I hope none win. Damien Sandow should go on to fully turn against The Miz, by eliminating him. He should go on to win in my eyes, but Axelmania could also run wild.

John Cena vs Rusev

It’s clear to all to see who will win this one. You have an undefeated Russian heel, going up against the poster boy of the WWE at WrestleMania. Purely to mix things up, why not let Rusev win? It would make us all shocked on the night, and keep us on our toes for the bigger match ups. It would also make a lot of sense for that to happen too.

We can only wish on though. John Cena will defeat Rusev, and cement his stay in the mid card with the US Championship. Is this a bad thing though? No. It can bring great prestige to a mid card title, in the absence of the top prize.

Intercontinental Championship Ladder Match

I would be surprised if there was to be an 8th member of this one, but never say never. The inclusion of R Truth and Stardust doesn’t quite add up for me. Apart for comical value in the build up, both don’t really have a lot to give in this one. There are 4 other very strong competitors in this one which makes it even more gripping. This one will probably the most talked about come monday.

I think that Dolph Ziggler will win this one. I know I’ve criticised the WWE for having him still in the IC scene, but Daniel Bryan changes things. They could have a fantastic rivalry over a few month for this title, them come WrestleMania 33, they could rekindle a rivalry, and refer back to this one, but for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. I wouldn’t mind if either one of them won this one.

AJ Lee and Paige vs The Bella Twins

This one needed to be a fatal 4 way in my eyes, as it would up the anticipation of it majorly. The WWE have given a lot of time for this match, with a promo in the last SmackDown before WrestleMania, so they have clearly take into consideration #GiveDivasAChance.

This one should last a long time, given that there is 4 hour to fill. I’m not really too sure who will come on top though! I think I’d go with AJ and Paige.

Randy Orton vs Seth Rollins

This one has had a fairly good build up, but Orton has always come out on top. Even when it seems that Rollins got the better of Orton, the viper came out winning with Sting coming to his savior. I would’ve liked this to maybe be in a steel cage, or have some stipulation in it to raise the stakes, but I am pretty excited for this one.

Orton will probably win. It would be great to see a battered Seth Rollins go to cash in in the main event later that night. But Rollins needs his breakthrough moment, and this is a pretty good chance for him to do that. All I know for sure, is that it will be a brutal match up.

Bray Wyatt vs The Undertaker

All eyes is on The Undertaker in this one for me (and everyone really). I’m not that big a fan of Bray Wyatt, but it will be interesting to see how the both work together. I hated the fact that Taker never showed up on Raw before the grandest stage, but it’s added something for me. I’m just so excited to hear that gong, and see the lights go down in the arena tomorrow night.

Taker will be very slow sadly in this match up. But it just wouldn’t make sense to have him lose a second time at Wrestlemania. The loss of last year has got me thinking about who will come on top in this one though

Triple H vs Sting

Everyone is focused on Sting in this one, which is how it should be, but it’s now a rare thing to see Triple H competing in the ring too. I can’t explain my excitement to see Sting in that ring, squaring off against one of WWE’s most known talents. I would’ve preferred it if Sting’s first words came after the match, instead of on Raw beforehand, but it’s still amazing to see him in the WWE.

Sting should win this one. It just wouldn’t make sense to big up his debut this much, for him to go on to lose. But Triple H hasn’t had the last laugh in this rivalry yet, and that could mean he walks out of Mania the victor.

Roman Reigns vs Brock Lesnar

With Lesnar signing the new WWE contract, no one really knows who will win this one. There are many saying that Heyman will drop Lesnar and side with Reigns, but I’ve had a thought..

Wouldn’t it be amazing to see Heyman turn on Brock because he can’t take him any further than he has alreaydy, and then side with Reigns, to turn him full heel. But, Rollins makes his way to the ring, after both Reigns and Lesnar are out after a brutal fight, Heyman tricks Reigns, and teams with Seth Rollins. This would help keep Reigns babyface, turn Brock Lesnar face, and raise the heat on Rollins! A perfect idea surely?

I’ve only just thought that through, so it’s probably not the best, but I think that would be cool to see. I want Reigns to win this, and then Rollins to cash in on Reigns, with the help of Paul Heyman

Man, I am so looking forward to WrestleMania now! I will be staying up until 4 in the morning to watch it, and will be live tweeting throughout at @ImThatWWEGuy. Remember to keep sending in your predictions for the big night. Thanks for the read guys, hope you enjoy the biggest night in pro wrestling entertainment.

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