Countdown to Wrestlemania: Wrestlemania 2 Look Back

Venue: Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum, Allstate Arena, Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena

Attendance (combined): 40,085

I’m not going to lie, this was poor in my eyes. The whole idea of having one PPV in 3 different arenas clearly didn’t work, as it’s never been done since. They added a ring apron logo, but it still had a very similar feel to it as the first Wrestlemania did.

Special Mentions

Randy Savage vs George Steele

This was the first entrance I’ve actually seen at Wrestlemania so far. This wasn’t even that good really, but I liked it because of the exposed turnbuckle pad. The bizarre George Steele bit into the turnbuckle pad and attempted to almost choke out The Macho Man. Savage hit the elbow drop from the top rope, in which Steele kicked out of, only for Savage to win with a leveraged pin.

Roddy Piper vs Mr T

This one was cool because it was a boxing match, something we never see in the WWE. However, it was a very slow one because of the rounds. In normal boxing matches, it’s okay because the crowd gets really into it, but they didn’t really here. It also had a poor ending where Roddy Piper got tired of boxing, so wrestled Mr T with a body slam. Although, I liked how they covered the turnbuckles, just like a boxing ring.

20 Man Battle Royale

This was pretty cool to see a young Bret Hart make his Wrestlemania debut. Andre the Giant ended up the winner in this, which was no surprise. However looking back, he was pretty poor in the ring. Again, another match that wasn’t the best.

Ricky Steamboat vs Hercules Hernandez

This one was probably the best wrestling match. It was very end to end, and the crowd were constantly hooked to it. It really does help the match when the fans get behind it. The Dragon came out on top in this one with a quick 3 count.

Main Event – Hulk Hogan vs King Kong Bundy

I liked seeing the old school cage in this match, with the blue steel, and the massive gaps. Bundy constantly tried to escape via the cage door, which looked very small to me. After though, King Kong Bundy was busted open, which I didn’t expect. Hulk Hogan overcame the powerhouse Bundy though with help from his Hulkamaniacs, to retain the then WWF Championship.

It was a pretty poor Wrestlemania in my eyes, but it had a pretty cool main event. I would have to rank it below Wrestlemania though. What were your thoughts on Wrestlemania 2? I will be uploading again tomorrow, my look back on Wrestlemania 3 for you guys! Hope you enjoyed!

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