WWE Raw 23rd February 2015 Review

Randy Orton Segment

We started off the first Raw after Fast Lane with Randy Orton calling out Seth Rollins. Instead, The Authority came down to the ring. They explained that they were over the past, and they wanted Randy Orton to re join the authority. He was invited to a business meeting later on in the evening, which he confirmed his presence.

At the business meeting, Orton agreed to return to The Authority, and team up with Seth Rollins in a tag match, in the main event. I can understand what they are trying to do, but it’s not worked for them. Earlier I thought it was a poor idea, but thinking about it, it will make for an easy attack for Randy Orton. He will break out of The Authority before Wrestlemania, but then will it be too late for a good build up to a match with him and Seth Rollins?

Bad News Barrett vs Dolph Ziggler

BNB started this off my reminding us that he is still the Intercontinental Championship, despite Dean Ambrose steeling it at Fast Lane. I found it a little confusing how R Truth was at the announce table. Will the WWE give him a push for the Intercontinental Championship? This was a pretty decent match up, with good pace. After plenty of reversals, Dolph Ziggler hit the Zig Zag for the win.

I hope that Dolph Ziggler doesn’t get sucked back into the Intercontinental scene, as I believe he’s better than that. Dean Ambrose and BNB should get a rematch before Wrestlemania in my eyes. But the most interesting thing out of this, is whether the WWE will push R Truth? I wouldn’t mind seeing that, but it’s not over exciting.

Prime Time Players vs The Ascension

This one was a little bit pointless for me. They don’t really have a story line to show, so I’m not too sure why they seem to be starting one. The Prime Time Players picked up a surprising win, over the previously undefeated Ascension, with a quick roll up by Darren Young. This then sparked The Ascension to attack Young and O’Neil after the match. The only thing actually coming out of this mini feud is the fact Darren Young and Titus O’Neil are back together. Apart from that, it’s not really doing much for me.

Roman Reigns Segment

The #1 Contender came down to the ring to celebrate the fact he is finally confirmed to be headlining Wrestlemania. This didn’t actually bring as many booes to him as I thought it would, which will be a confidence booster for him. I’m quite surprised that the fans are not going crazy about DB not winning at Fast Lane! Daniel Bryan did come down to the ring, and straight up told Roman Reigns that he was a massive doubter of him, before Fast Lane. He then went on to praise Roman Reigns on the great performance at Fast Lane. This did seem like a little bit of a lesson, with Reigns being the student.

Just as Bryan was leaving, Paul Heyman showed up. He actually bigged up Reigns, though it was a little bit of an overreaction comparing Reigns to the likes of Bruno Sammartino, Hulk Hogan and The Rock. Heyman soon went on to stated that he had no chance against Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania. Paul Heyman was superb on the mic, but Reigns was pretty good as well. This one was an interesting one, and I must admit that I am liking Roman Reigns more these days.

The Usos vs Tyson Kidd and Cesaro

I did hope that this feud was over after Fast Lane, but it seems not. They had a fantastic match at the PPV, and this one was also pretty good. The Usos looked on fire as they tried to regain the tag team titles, but they couldn’t quite get there. This match was explosive though! It had great pace, which kept me very interested.

Natalya ended this one with a disqualification, which led to Kidd and Cesaro to retain their titles, despite their loss. This may mean that this feud is over, after Booker T said that they have been pushed to the back of the line. I actually saw a pretty cool idea of what to do with the tag team division, so I might make a little blog post later in the week on that situation.

Stardust vs Jack Swagger

Here, we saw Stardust back in his usual attire. He came to face JAck Swagger, who was just a filler for all of this, Goldust interrupted this one to distract Stardust, and help Jack Swagger get the win. It was cool to see the interaction between the crowd chanting ‘Cody’, with Stardust clearly affected by it. However, not many people have got behind this and so with such a small segment on Raw, not many more people will pick it up.

John Cena Segment

Man this was boring! It was nothing new. we’ve seen the same thing 3 weeks in a row now, the only thing that changes is the arena, I swear! The only thing fresh about their feud, was the fact that it wasn’t built on national pride. This one is going the same way as all the others ones have now! I’m not going into too much detail, but Rusev refused to face him at Wrestlemania.

The Bella Twins vs Paige and Emma

This is the first time I’ve included a Divas match in one of my reviews. I have not been reviewing them because it seems that the WWE has completely overlooked them, and they are given such stupid matches. I will do a whole blog post to my thoughts of the Divas division. I think it’s wrong to have them have such short matches, in such a long show.

Curtis Axel vs Ryabck

Axel started off by stating that he was still in the Royal Rumble, despite that happening 4 weeks ago. He then put himself into the Andre the Giant memorial battle royale. Ryback came down to the ring, to interrupt however. He also announced his entrance in the newly annual match. This was over within a minute, with Ryback picking up the win. A pointless match really.

Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns vs Seth Rollins and Randy Orton

I can never seem to get excited about the main events on Raw lately. They always seem to drag on too much. I think this is just me though. I’ve never truly been hooked to a main event story line in a long time. The only intriguing thing is this is where Rollins and Orton are going next. This one definately took time to pick up, but it did in the last 5 minutes.

Reigns and Bryan got the win over Seth Rollins with Orton looking on. The WWE teased an instant face return for Orton when he delivered and RKO to Jamie Noble, but he did nothing to Mr Money in the Bank. It’s only a short time until we do see these two properly start the feud, but many fans are confused over why it’s being delayed.

Overall, it was a pretty poor Raw this week. The short divas match caused a massive uproar, and rightfully so. There were a few poor matches like Ryback and Axel, and The Ascension and The Prime Time Players. The best match of the night was probably the tag titles rematch! What did you guys think of it? Let me know @ImThatWWEGuy on twitter. Remember to leave me some feedback about my blog, it’s very much appreciated! Thanks for reading guys, I hoped you enjoyed it!

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