WWE Raw 16th February 2015 Review

John Cena Segment

We start off Monday Night Raw with John Cena looking ahead to this Sunday’s Fast Lane. We recapped the attack by Rusev of Cena last week. John Cena announced afterwards that he was going to go for the United States Championship! Rusev and Lana soon interrupted, and hit back with the general promo talk, bigging up Rusev and slamming Cena. The crowd was angered by the Russian pair, with chants of ‘USA’. A vicious John Cena attacked the undefeated Champion on the entrance ramp, and Rusev was out cold.

i must say, I love the new John Cena. It seems the WWE are slowly turning him into a mid carder by going for the United States Championship at Fast Lane. Cena seemed like a different guy when he attacked Rusev. We could potentially be seeing him turning heel with this rivalry, which I’m glad of.

Luke Harper vs Dean Ambrose

I think this is the first Raw this year where Roman Reigns isn’t in the first match! Instead, it is the former Shield partner Dean Ambrose with an IC title contract in his hand. In what was a very strong match up, Dean Ambrose won the match.

I did enjoy this match. It wasn’t amazing, but it was a solid wrestling match, which made me look forward to Ambrose’s match with BNB at Fast Lane. Having Dean Ambrose win against former IC winners is a cool idea, and it makes him look strong by putting them all over. This seems like a great rivalry where we haven’t seen the two wrestle every week before their PPV match, like we have seen with tag team matches.

The New Day vs Gold and Stardust (or Cody Rhodes..)

It was great to see the legend Dusty Rhodes back in the WWE. He never actually won a WWE title! I also must say that I loved Goldust’s jacket! The New Day’s gimmick has actually blocked me from realising that they are very good in ring performers. They picked up the win over the Rhodes brothers with Kofi Kingston.

After the match, Stardust turned on Goldust, turning him heel. I’m glad that he was the one who started the attack, as it means Goldust’s send off at Wrestlemania (potentially) will have him go out as a good guy. The story line has now started to pick up a bit of pace, after many slow weeks of barely any progression.

Roman Reigns vs Kane

I’m glad they didn’t make Reigns face Big Show, and Bryan face Kane again. Daniel Bryan was with the commentary team, which is never a good thing in my eyes, as the match seems over looked. It focus too much on the build up to their Fast Lane match, and not the actual wrestling action in the ring. As the match went on, Daniel Bryan got on my nerves so much! Reigns speared Kane outside the ring, resulting in a count out win for Reigns.

The wrestling was very overlooked in that, but it did build up to the match at Fast Lane. Daniel Bryan did annoy me in this one. It’s very intriguing to see what will happen between these two at Fast Lane now. Roman Reigns had to win that to look strong, but Daniel Bryan did steal his thunder, which doesn’t help the Royal Rumble winner at all.

Seth Rollins vs Dolph Ziggler

This started with a little promo for them both. Seth Rollins started by reminding us that he can cash in his money in the bank contract at anytime. He then went onto the subject of Dolph Ziggler, before being interrupted by the show off himself. Dolph Ziggler was also very good on the mic, with a little jab at Seth Rollins’ Valentines Day (after recent on goings on social media with his fiance). The match soon exploded into action, with Dolph attacking Rollins. Much to the happiness of the WWE Universe, J&J Security were sent backstage. Would we see a fair match with Seth Rollins? Of Course not! The future of the WWE started strong in this one, but Dolph Ziggler hit back with a couple of near falls.

J&J attacked Dolph Ziggler as he was about the win the match. This caused Ryback and Rowan to come to the ring to help out, and clear the ring. Am I the only one who would enjoy a 6 man tag here? I liked seeing Dolph Ziggler back, in what may seem a rivalry with Rollins.

Triple H Responds to Sting

This one started off with a pretty cool promo video. Triple H started to look ahead to the Fast Lane match up before Ric Flair showed up. It was great to see the respect between Triple H, Ric Flair and Sting. Ric Flair came down to say that Sting should not be taken lightly. Ric Flair made the good point that Triple H isn’t wrestling full-time anymore, so he will show some signs of ring rust. Triple H is clearly getting frustrated by Sting, to the point where he pushed over his good friend and former mentor, the nature boy.

This was a great build up for their rivalry. WWE are doing well at making Sting look good, without even being there.

Darren Young and … vs The Ascension

It’s good to see the Ascension back on Raw. They needed their break away. They attacked Darren Young and his unknown partner. This caused Titus O’Neil to come to the ring, with the Prime Time Players reunited. This seemed like the WWE expected a big crowd response to this one, but it didn’t get it at all. This seemed a little pointless, and a little rushed for my liking.

Mizdow vs Bad News Barrett

I must say I’m very bored with the Miz and Mizdow stuff. I did find JBL funny on the subject of english sport though. After plenty of distractions by the Miz, BNB picked up the win over Mizdow. Dean Ambrose then entered the ring to get BNB to sign the contract. He tied BNB to the ring post and he was forced to sign it. This was a very good way to set up the match at Fast Lane. But I also can’t wait to see Miz and Mizdow split all together.

Jimmy Uso and Naomi vs Tyson Kidd and Natalya

This was a good way to play out this rivalry. We don’t often see mixed tag matches. Tyson Kidd was made to be a coward in this match which will improve his heel status with Cesaro. I am very bored already of the tag team scene. This match could not start any momentum with the constant tagging, and it ended far too quickly. I hope that Kidd and Cesaro defeat The Usos to end the rivalry, and so both teams can move on.

Daniel Bryan vs The Big Show

Instantly, I was looking forward to seeing this, as Roman Reigns wasn’t on commentary so we could actually focus on the wrestling, although it was very tiresome at the start of it. Reigns did take away from the wrestling in this one as well though. But it wasn’t necessarily a bad thing. He signed some autographs for the crowd, and taking a couple of selfies. This only got interesting when The Big Show speared Roman Reigns. Reigns then came back to superman punch Big Show out of the ring to give Big Show the win.

Reigns and Bryan soon brawled around the ring for a good build up to Fast Lane. Referees soon broke it up, making them shake hands, but the fight started again. It was a brilliant build up to the match, which took away all the respect they had for each other. This makes for a good match at Fast Lane as both will want to win the match, and put over the other one. Both came out strong in this one. I really hope Reigns turns heel now, because it seems to suit him. He’s struggled as a face recently, and the crowd doesn’t seem to like the idea of him becoming the face of the company which is a perfect reason for him to turn heel.

Overall, the Raw was pretty strong. It wasn’t the best we’ve seen, but certainly not the worst. It helped move forward a few story lines like Gold and Stardust and Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns. The main event was poor as it was just leading up to the brawl at the end, which I did enjoy. In my opinion, it was a perfect build up to both Fast Lane and Wrestlemania.

What did you guys think of this week’s Raw? Let me know on twitter, @ImThatWWEGuy, and in the comments. I’m very sorry it’s a day late, but things have started to pick up lately with school work. I will try to get the Championship Belts list out before Fast Lane, and I will also do my predictions for Fast Lane on Saturday! Once again guys, thanks for reading, and I hoped you enjoyed!

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