WWE Raw 9th February 2015 Review

Roman Reigns Segment

Reigns started out by making a very good point. Why should he win the Royal Rumble, but not headline Wrestlemania? Daniel Bryan soon interrupted Reigns, to thank him. Bryan argued that he was the better wrestler, and he would beat him at Fast Lane. The Authority came down, and Triple H pointlessly called out Sting for an answer on the fight between them both. Stephanie McMahon brought it back to topic and set up a match where Reigns and Bryan would take on Kane and Big Show.

It was important for Reigns to improve on his mic skills to make for a great promo for Wrestlemania. He was quite strong though, with just on slip up. Don’t be surprised to see him open up a few more Raws between now and Wrestlemania. The fans actually got behind this.

Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan vs Kane and The Big Show

It always seems that Reigns and Big Show face each other in some capacity in the first match of every Raw and SmackDown. This week, a tag match. This wasn’t a bad match, but it wasn’t amazing. I did get a bit confused when Daniel Bryan was driven into the ropes by Kane and Big Show. Is that meant to hurt Bryan? It got a lot better when the match was over. It was just meant to set the match later on.

Since when was an irish whip into the timekeeper’s area enough for a count out? I enjoyed seeing the use of weapons though. Daniel Bryan did dropkick Reigns in the corner, much to the anger of the former Shield member. This helped set out a similar match later that night between the two opponents at Fast Lane, and Kane, Big Show, J&J and Seth Rollins.

**It was here when I spent about half an hour looking up the news about Seth Rollins, oops**

Seth Rollins vs Ryback

*Laughs at Seth Rollins’ situation*

After hearing about this, I was fully behind Ryback! But again, J&J attacked Ryback when the referee was turned. This match was pretty damn boring. I was actually glad J&J ended it so quickly, not interested at all.

Rusev Segment

Lana praised John Cena for his very special career, and decided to show us his worst moments in the WWE. Rusev then warned John Cena that he would be crushed at Fast Lane, which prompted John Cena to make his way down to the ring. Puffy eyed Cena argued that Rusev was not ready for what was coming to him, as the ‘old man’ would defeat him at Fast Lane. Rusev was pretty good on the mic, mocking John Cena that he couldn’t see him. It was good to see Rusev come out on top after this, but it’s still WWE making John Cena look like the underdog again.

Dolph Ziggler vs Bray Wyatt

This was a slow starter, with Wyatt controlling it. Ziggler soon upped the pace of it, and hit Bray with a wicked DDT followed up with a near fall. Ziggler hit a couple of superkicks and a famouser, but again, he couldn’t put the eater of worlds away. A weak Dolph Ziggler was beaten by Bray Wyatt in a poor match up.

Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman Segment

Just another brilliant promo from Paul Heyman.

Gold and Stardust vs The New Day

I wasn’t too sure why Stardust left so early, but this was another pointless match. For the past 2 weeks now, Gold and Stardust have had very similar matches, and their story has not progressed at all.

Triple H Segment

It was nice to see Triple H go back to the WCW days. Sting was called out by the COO of the company. The WWE teased us then by playing multiple crow noises, and a pretty cool video package. I believe a fake Sting showed up to spook Triple H as the message of ‘I accept’ came up on the big screen.

Tyson Kidd vs The Usos

There’s been too many tag matches in this Raw from my liking, and I must admit, this feud is boring me, as they keep on wrestling each week. Kidd and Cesaro are my favourite tag team right now, but even I’m a little bored already. Tyson Kidd and Cesaro would pick up the win in a very uninteresting contest.

Sin Cara vs Damien Mizdow

Another boring feud which I have no excitement for. It’s just The Miz. I get so frustrated by him, and when he has a microphone during a match, jeez. After Miz disturbed the match, Sin Cara rolled The Miz up for a win.

Curtis Axel vs Dean Ambrose

Axel does actually make me laugh with his obsession with the Royal Rumble. I think it makes it with it being Curtis Axel. I enjoyed seeing him wrestler, someone we haven’t seen perform on Raw for a long time. Ambrose picked up the win, in a pointless match, but I did want to watch it. Dean Ambrose then set his sights to BNB and his IC title.

5 on 2 Handicap match

Again, another slow starter where The Authority dominated. This match was awfully boring and only picked up when Ryback, Rowan and Ziggler turned up. This suggests that we may see a 6 man tag match between those 3 and Kane, Big Show and Seth Rollins, at Fast Lane. Much to the anger of Bryan, Reigns tagged himself in and won the match. After the match, Reigns speared Bryan. Could we be seeing a heel turn for Reigns?

Overall I was quite unimpressed by Raw this week. Too many matches that made me lose interest. What did you guys think? Comment below, or tell me on Twitter @ImThatWWEGuy. I’m going to write another blog post later this week, again, tell me what you would like to see! I will not be doing a SmackDown review again, but if you do want to hear other fans’ views, the go and check out WWE Girl Talk on YouTube and Twitter. They will post their thorough review after SmackDown this week, and Raw, every week! Thanks for reading again guys, enjoy!

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