Top 10 Former WWE PPVs

With the upcoming PPV ‘Fast Lane’ replacing Elimination Chamber, I thought I’d draw up my top 10 old PPVs that are no longer around. Hope you enjoy!

Special Mention

Obviously Wrestlemania is still around, but I do miss The Money in the Bank match being at Wrestlemania. It was one of the most exciting moments at Wrestlemania for me. I’m not shooting on the MITB PPV, it’s just it seemed to be valued at Wrestlemania more.

Fatal 4 Way

This was one of the PPVs where no one really got behind it. I personally liked that main event to have 4 superstars in it, as we do see many title matches which are boring 1 on 1s. This shaked it up a bit, but I think the WWE went wrong by the name of it. I have nothing better to call it, but I think the WWE shot themselves in the foot but being too reliant on have 4 superstars in the main event. I just think it was a cool concept that should’ve happened more than once. The main event was John Cena vs Edge vs Sheamus vs Randy Orton for the WWE Championship, in which Sheamus won.

Breaking Point

Again, this was a one-off PPV which I’d like to see back. It had a stipulation that the world titles were to be defended in a submission or ‘I Quit’ match. I enjoyed this because 99% of matches are won by pinfall, and so it was refreshing to have to see a submission match in there. Again, the WWE were a little too reliant on the submission stipulation, as it meant only submission superstars could really be in it to make sense. Luckily, The Undertaker and CM Punk both have a submission move to their name, but it was a poor ending to their match.

No Way Out

We all love a cage match once in a while don’t we? I liked No Way Out because it had many different matches that they could use as the main event. We’ve seen Hell in a Cell matches, Elimination Chambers and Steel cage matches. It was good to see that it had a certain theme to it, but still had some flexibility to it. With Elimination Chamber now gone, we’ll be seeing a lot less cage matches.

Bragging Rights

This clearly wouldn’t work these days with only the one roster, but back when Raw and SmackDown were competing, it was a cool PPV in my eyes, with cool ropes. The main attraction would be an inter promotional 14 man tag match between Team Raw and Team SmackDown. I always preferred SmackDown as a brand and so I was happy to see them win both PPVs in 2009 and 2010. I thought it was cool to increase the competition between the brands and the name was a perfect fit, but I think it was a bit too similar to Survivor Series, hence why it never continued.


This was one of the best PPVs for me as it was always a little different. Like No Way Out, it did feature a couple of Hell in a Cell matches, but looking back on it, there was never a normal singles match as the main event. The 2000 Armageddon brought us the only 6 man Hell in a Cell match which was pretty cool. And it also had pretty cool entrance stages.

ECW One Night Stand

What an outstanding PPV this was. It was great to see some hardcore matches back. ECW was one of the most fastest growing wrestling promotions in the 90s, and it was good to have them back. Although the weekly episodes were nowhere near the classic ECW, they still had some decent matches. I loved how it was set in the classic Hammerstein Ballroom where many of the first Raws were filmed, and where ECW staged their PPVs.

In Your House

The main reason why I liked the In Your House PPVs is because the names were always different. Many feuds are set around PPVs these days (most recently Dean Ambrose getting out tables ladders and chairs on Bray Wyatt for no reason other than for the PPV), but the PPVs were based around the feuds back in the 90s. It was made to compete with WCW by adding more PPVs to the calendar, but at a cut price. It came up with some great titles like ‘Season Beatings’ and ‘Rage in the Cage’.

Taboo Tuesday/Cyber Sunday

This was just awesome! I love how the fans actually got a say in the match stipulations via It meant for an unpredictable night for both the fans and the superstars, as no one knew what was coming ahead. It was one of WWE’s greatest ideas, and it’s a shame they don’t follow it up anymore. There is no reason for them not to do it anymore? They still have mini polls to decide things on Raw, but nothing close to letting fans decide most of the card.

Elimination Chamber

After the Royal Rumble, the Elimination Chamber must be one of my favourite match types the WWE have given us. It was such a different idea where 6 men would battle for one championship, with 4 men starting in their own pods. It was great to see what moves they could pull off in there. I can remember RVD with a frog splash on top of one of the pods, and Goldberg’s spear through the glass. It seems that this concept is now gone from the WWE. They put it down to most stadiums not being able to host it with such a big structure to the cage, but it would make it very special if they were to have another elimination chamber match.

King of the Ring

This has to be one of the best PPV ideas ever. Why is it still not running?! It was a PPV where there would be a tournament to decide who will be the number 1 contender for the world title. They could use it these days to propel superstars like Dolph Ziggler who is known for taking a big beating, but still overcoming the challenge. Daniel Bryan has said that he’d like to see a similar tournament on SmackDown one day which would be awesome! But wouldn’t King of the Ring be so much better than Fast Lane or Payback?!

Did you agree with my list? Give me your thoughts about it in the comments or @ImThatWWEGuy on Twitter. I may be able to post another list like this tomorrow, what would you guys like to see?! Thanks for reading guys, hope you enjoyed!

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