WWE Raw 2nd February 2015 Review

Triple H’s ‘big announcement’

My word was this hyped up. Were the superstars gathered around a tv backstage really needed? Stephanie McMahon and Triple H started by teasing the crowd about the Super Bowl result and the #CancelWWENetwork on Twitter after the Royal Rumble. Triple H dragged out this segment by targeting The Rock, pointlessly, and then went onto Sting. Roman Reigns, Daniel Bryan and Seth Rollins came out to drag this on further. So what was this big announcement?

Daniel Bryan vs Seth Rollins where the winner goes on to face Roman Reigns at Fast Lane, and then the winner of that will face Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Was that really that big? Not at all. This whole situation is completely stupid. I will talk more of this later, after Daniel Bryan vs Seth Rollins

Roman Reigns vs Big Show

Yet another pointless feud match is on Raw. After Roman Reigns won the Royal Rumble, it’s left Big Show alone. Roman Reigns was just starting to gain momentum, but J&J security again interfered before Seth Rollins did. Another win for The Authority with outside interference. This match didn’t have too much of it. Starting it during the commercial break didn’t help it at all. It’s another short match on Raw. Roman Reigns got screwed over tonight, it seems everyone, including the fans, are against him right now.

Curtis Axel segment

I actually enjoyed this. It was something different having Curtis Axel out there. The commentators didn’t really help this though, shining over Axel. Dean Ambrose then came down, and ‘eliminated’ Curtis Axel. He then stated that he was going for BNB’s Intercontinental Championship. It’s good to see the WWE send Dean Ambrose in a good direction, rather than being in feuds with nothing on the line, like his with Bray Wyatt.

The Ascension vs Goldust and Stardust

I’m actually glad that the Ascension are getting a push. We haven’t actually seen too much of them against proper competitors, and Raw didn’t give us too much more. In ANOTHER short match, The Ascension beat Gold and Stardust. This match just seemed to be building up to a feud between Goldust and Stardust. It seems that Stardust may completely go back to Cody Rhodes after Goldust called him by his real name.

John Cena welcoming back Dolph Ziggler, Ryback and Erick Rowan

These 3 have been back in the WWE for almost 3 weeks now. It all seemed a bit too late for John to do this. Why didn’t he do it on the SmackDown before the Royal Rumble. John Cena first created an advert for the Steve Austin podcast later that night, which seemed pointless too. This wasn’t really a welcome back for the 3 returning superstars. As they finally came down, it was announced that Ryback would face Luke Harper, Dolph Ziggler takes on Bray Wyatt and Erick Rowan will try to defeat Rusev.

Ryback vs Luke Harper

The early stages of this match showed us just how strong Ryback is. Luke Harper then gained control, but I was actually surprised that the fans were actually properly getting behind Ryback. This was a pretty good match up, which actually lasted for a reasonable amount of time. I think the fact there was no interference did help it. Both competitors left this match looking strong.

Jimmy Uso vs Cesaro

This match was just a build up to a later match between the two tag teams for the titles. But another match tonight which impressed me. It lasted for a longer time than I thought it might be. It just strengthens Tyson Kidd and Cesaro, and it looked Cesaro look very strong. After a year of nothing, both Tyson Kidd and Cesaro are going somewhere. I’m glad to see that Adam Rose wasn’t with them.

Dolph Ziggler vs Bray Wyatt

Man the crowd were loud at the start of this match! This turned to a very physical match up, which again was a decent length. I loved the superplex to Dolph outside the ring. I really did enjoy this match. Dolph Ziggler knows how to make both himself and his opponent look good in their match, and he did that again here. I must add that Dolph Ziggler seems to be stuck in the middle of nowhere now. Dean Ambrose looks set to be going for the Intercontinental championship, so Dolph is out of that picture, and there are too many superstars in the frame for the WWE World Heavyweight title. Here is a great example of where the superstars would benefit from having a brand split. But are we about to see The Undertaker vs Bray Wyatt at Wrestlemania?

Sin Cara vs The Miz

It was strange to see Mizdow not actually copy The Miz. It kind of made the match a little bit slower. Sin Cara looked good in ring with his style of wrestling, but he was only a filler to advance the Miz and Mizdow feud. I really hope that Gold and Stardust have their break up match at Wrestlemania, as Goldust seems to be retiring after that. I’d rather see that at Wrestlemania than Miz vs Mizdow. Sin Cara picked up the win to infuriate The Miz.

Rusev vs Erick Rowan

Well I guess this wasn’t really a match? Rusev dismantled Rowan, which gave time for Lana to introduce a promo for Rusev. It made Rusev look strong, but what made this little segment was the Russian flag. It failed to come down all the way. It’s not clear whether that was meant to happen or not, but it added something to the segment.

Seth Rollins vs Daniel Bryan

I’m not too sure where to start with this. I think it is all a mess. Of course we couldn’t have a match with Seth Rollins that didn’t include an interference. I did actually enjoy this match, especially the spear from Roman Reigns to The Big Show, but in short, Daniel Bryan defeated Seth Rollins to face Roman Reigns at Fast Lane.

This has frustrated me massively today. The exact same thing happened last year. Batista won the Royal Rumble, fans got annoyed and so Daniel Bryan got shipped in last-minute into the Wrestlemania main event, and won the championship. This year, Roman Reigns won the Royal Rumble, and fans are annoyed. So what does the WWE do? Their default back up, Daniel Bryan. It frustrates me mainly because it’s almost the exact same thing as they did last year. It’s nothing new. It also frustrates me that potentially the Royal Rumble can become pointless in the coming years if the fans don’t like it, because the WWE can always set up a match in the PPV between the Royal Rumble and Wrestlemania to determine who faces the champion.

I am a fan of Daniel Bryan, as he is a great in ring competitor, but I can’t help but feel this will be bad for Bryan in the long-term. We were all fed up of John Cena getting the main event for years, and now the WWE Universe is just pushing Daniel Bryan. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Daniel Bryan disliked by most come 3 years time, because he is overused in the main event.

Enough of that rant, I am actually interested to see who would win at Fast Lane between Reigns and Bryan. If Reigns does win this match, I will be glad. I am not a fan of Reigns headlining Wrestlemania, but for the sake of history, I hope he does. This will anger most of the WWE Universe because they have teased Daniel Bryan to win at Wrestlemania, but then take it away from them. This will ultimately make Reigns look stronger, which could be a good thing for him.

I would hate it if Daniel Bryan wins because it completely takes away a Royal Rumble victory which is all wrong. The WWE Universe will prefer it though as they somehow seem to love everything about Daniel Bryan. I just don’t see the major attraction to him?

Overall, this Raw was one of the better ones of late. They had a lot of good long matches which made many superstars look strong, even in defeat. It will be interesting to see how the break ups of Gold and Stardust and Miz and Mizdow comes along. I will also be looking at what the WWE will do with superstars like Dolph Ziggler, Luke Harper, Erick Rowan and Ryback as they all seem to be stuck in no mans land. The main event at Fast Lane frustrates me, but it will be a very intriguing match up between Reigns and Bryan.

Thanks for reading guys! I’d like to know what posts you want me to upload in the near future, I have a couple in mind but ultimately I’d like to listen to what you guys want to see from me. Comment here, or speak to me on twitter @ImThatWWEGuy for any ideas. And what did you guys think of Raw? Thanks!

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