Where has the WWE gone wrong?

After the Royal Rumble Pay Per View, not many wrestling fans were left satisfied. The #CancelWWENetwork was trending on Twitter after Roman Reigns won the Royal Rumble. But what has made us WWE fans so angry about the product they are selling to us these days? I’m putting my views across.

Too predictable

From the moment that Roman Reigns made his return at TLC in December, most of us knew who would be winning the 2015 Royal Rumble. With so much negativity surrounding this, you’d think the WWE would change their plans, as that’s “best for business”, but no. They knew we would not be happy with Roman Reigns headlining Wrestlemania, yet they still went ahead with it. We even knew most of the participants in the Royal Rumble because they were currently on the roster, or it was leaked before hand. The only actually surprise participant was The Bogeyman for me, and he wasn’t even in for a minute! As soon as the triple threat match started, the commentators made Brock Lesnar out to be an unbeatable beast, and so it was no surprise he won. Does anyone get excited when Rusev comes on for a match on Raw? No. Why? Because it either means that Rusev will win with a camel clutch, or he’ll lose by count out. It just gets too boring to watch.

Lacking creativity

The WWE is filled these days with pointless and boring story lines. How many people really cared for the Mizdow and Usos feud? It ended 2 weeks before the Royal Rumble, yet we still had to sit through a pointless match between them. Why does Mr McMahon think a story line based on fake sackings would get us excited? There was absolutely no doubt that the three were going to get their jobs back, so it seemed very pointless.  We need proper story lines throughout the whole card, not just one big one.

Brock Lesnar

It’s not really him, it’s his title defenses. He defended his title at Night of Champions, and then again at the Royal Rumble. To my calculation, that is 126 days where we didn’t see the biggest championship in pro wrestling being defended, and in those 18 weeks, we barely had a mention of him. This is completely wrong. It cheapens the product for me. What are all the wrestlers competing for if there isn’t even a big championship around? The WWE have done well with The Authority story line in Brock’s absence, but I would still like to see the title being defended at 90% of the PPVs.

Too much on air time

Raw is aired for 3 hours each week. This is a clear stretch for the WWE, so they just fill it with boring segments. I also don’t understand why the have such short matches if they are struggling to fill 3 hours. They need to make matches more frequent, and longer and shorten the segments. SmackDown is a great example of how WWE use their time. SmackDown airs for just 2 hours each week, and they have consistently been coming up with better shows than Raw for the best few weeks.

So with all these problems, what can the WWE do to make things better?

Surprise us

In my opinion, it would’ve great if Randy Orton had returned and won the Royal Rumble, as it wouldn’t be so straight forward. Randy Orton has a legitimate reason to go after Seth Rollins, as he took him out for a few months. That would create a great promo for Wrestlemania 31, rather than a forced rivalry between Reigns and Lesnar where they don’t really have anything to feud over.

Brand Extension

This seems to be something the WWE are looking to do, but not as drastic as different Raw and SmackDown rosters. I believe they plan to make Daniel Bryan the face of SmackDown, and have brand exclusive wrestlers, however I’d like to see a complete brand split. It would create a great story line if wrestlers like Dean Ambrose and Dolph Ziggler would come together to create a stable to push a brand extension. They could moan how they are constantly looked over, and decide to only turn up to a certain brand. I think they should also bring back two world titles. This way, superstars like Brock Lesnar can hold the title and have a break, as they don’t need to defend every PPV. Fans would be happy if at least one if defended frequently.

What can us fans do to make sure the WWE see that we are unhappy?

Watch alternatives

Why is the WWE so big these days? Because of the Monday Night Wars with WCW. Back in 1996, the WWE were putting a poor product out, and fans wanted an alternative. The fans switch to a better product in WCW, and so the MNW began. This helped raise the profile of the WWE, and made them the brand they are today. What can we do to create a smaller version of this? Watch the alternatives that are offered to us. It is very drastic, but if we were to stop watching the WWE, then they’d get the message that they are not performing well. TNA is not the brand that it used to be, but it’s not awful. Ring of Honor and Lucha Underground are growing by the minute these days, so we can watch other things. The WWE is far too big for them to lose out on a ‘war’ with another company, but why no back other promotions to help raise the profile of them?

Potential boycott

This again is very drastic, but many people have almost done this already with the #CancelWWENetwork on Twitter. Fans are showing how upset they are by not giving them any money. I know that the shows will always be sold out, but we can stop giving them money through things like merchandise sales and the WWE Network.

I’d love to hear your views on this subject. Do you think the WWE is getting worse day by day? Or are you quite happy with it? Leave a comment or have a chat with me at @ImThatWWEGuy on Twitter. I will be doing a SmackDown review this week due to the Raw this week. What else would you like to see me post here? It’s a great help to get some feedback!

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