WWE Royal Rumble 2015 Preview

The New Day vs Ceasro, Tyson Kidd and Adam Rose – Six man elimination tag match (pre-show)

You can never get too excited for a pre-show match up, but this one, I don’t see as being too bad. The elimination stipulation adds a lot more to it than if it was just a normal 6 man tag match. Saying that though, it won’t be that high quality of a match up. This feud has been very short, and a little bit random.

I want Kidd, Cesaro and Rose to come out on top, but who knows with The New Day’s last couple of wins.

The New Age Outlaws vs The Ascension 

Again, it seems a little random that The New Age Outlaws are back. I can understand the link with The Ascension comparing themselves to older tag teams, but why is it that The New Age Outlaws are facing them? It’s great to seem Billy Gunn and Road Dogg back, but they must be way past it now!

You would expect that The Ascension will win this one, due to them being an active tag team, to build momentum. But The New Ago Outlaws did win the tag team championships this time last year, so you can’t write them off.

The Usos vs Miz and Mizdow – tag team match for the WWE Tag Team Championships

This feud seems to be dead now, and it’s felt like that for a few weeks now. Mizdow has been the only one keeping the matches mildly entertaining, but even now it’s getting a little bit tiresome. The Usos seem to have a bit of momentum going into this one.

Don’t be surprised to see The Usos retain, and for relations between Miz and Mizdow to grow worse. It could mean a new feud based on jealousy. I think it will happen soon, it’s just whether it will be at Royal Rumble or Fast Lane where they begin to split.

Seth Rollins vs John Cena vs Brock Lesnar – Triple threat match for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship

This one seems very intriguing to me. This is the time of the year where the WWE can go many ways in setting up feuds for Wrestlemania 31. I can see a few feuds in mind that include Seth Rollins and Brock Lesnar, but not with Cena. I just hope we don’t have a Wrestlemania where John Cena defeats the odds again by winning.

Seth has really impressed me lately, and I kind of want to see him walk away with the title. I personally think either Lesnar or Cena will win, for Rollins to the cash in with his briefcase, as the WWE have barely touched on that subject. But if Seth does win, please let it be by himself and not any outside interference. I will talk more of this when coming up with a few feuds going into Wrestlemania 31 below.

30 man Royal Rumble match for a chance to win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at Wrestlemania 31

As I said before, now is when the WWE have to decide who is headlining Wrestlemania. This match ties in heavily on who wins the triple threat match. I am going to list possible winners of the match, and then below go into detail on who they can feud with.

  • Roman Reigns
  • Dean Ambrose
  • Bray Wyatt
  • Daniel Bryan
  • Randy Orton
  • Dolph Ziggler

If Roman Reigns was to win the Royal Rumble, I would like to see a triple threat match at WM 31 between him, Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose, as a Shield break up feud. I wouldn’t be surprised if Ambrose and Reigns are the last two left, and they hit the ground at the same time, leading to a dispute over who actually won. It doesn’t matter whether Seth wins his actual match, or just cashes in his briefcase, in this scenario.

Bray Wyatt is a hard one for me, because I’m not his biggest fan. I don’t really understand where the WWE would go if he was to win the Royal Rumble. I can’t really see him feuding with any of the 3 fighting for the World Heavyweight Championship. Many people have said they want Wyatt to win, but I certainly don’t

WWE fans booed throughout last years Royal Rumble match, purely because Daniel Bryan didn’t even compete in it. This year around, he will definitely be in the match up, and he will be one of the last few remaining in it. I would like to see a possible feud with Bryan and Lesnar at Wrestlemania 31, but it seems the WWE may only do this due to the criticism of last year surrounding Bryan

I would have to say that Randy Orton is my pick for the winner of the 2015 Royal Rumble. He has a reason to hate Seth Rollins as he fazed him out of the authority, and put him on the sidelines for a few months. It would be great to see a feud between these two end in a match at Wrestlemania 31, as it is something fresh. I think Randy Orton could be a surprise number 30 entrant to win the Royal Rumble this year.

Finally, Dolph Ziggler has his job back, and could comeback with a bang by winning the 2015 Royal Rumble. I can see Dolph feuding with anyone of the 3 going for the Championship, especially John Cena and another superstar. The WWE can show the strain of Ziggler and Cena’s relationship fall in time for Wrestlemania 31.

Thanks for reading again guys, remember to comment below your thoughts on the Royal Rumble matches, or on twitter @ImThatWWEGuy. I also want to hear from you guys on what stuff you’d like me to post, and any improvements that I  could make. I hope you guys enjoyed it!

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