My favourite Royal Rumble matches

The annual Royal Rumble PPV is quickly coming round again this Sunday. I take a trip down memory lane to look back at some of my favourite Royal Rumble matches over the years.


This is probably the earliest that I remember quite well. It was a great rumble match where The Undertaker dominated for the most of it, until an unlikely elimination by an almost unknown Maven. This shocked everyone. It was pretty cool seeing The Undertaker attack Maven like he was a nobody all around the arena! After Steve Austin emptied the ring, he waited for the next entrant, and a showdown between him and the returning Triple H started. It was a little funny when they both showed how pathetic Hurricane Helms was. Although I must say that I was not a fan of the way Booker T got eliminated! It also would’ve been a bit better if Triple H didn’t win it, but overall, a good Royal Rumble match.


This must be one of my favourite due to Rey Mysterio winning it. As you guys may know, he was one of my favourite wrestlers one time, due to his lucha libre style. There isn’t very much to say as this wasn’t one of my favourites due to the actual match. I was a big fan of the arena with the whole Roman feel to it. It was good to see Rey win after the death of his great friend Eddie Guerrero, and it was good to see him win the World Heavyweight Championship at Wrestlemania.


This will probably be my all time favourite royal rumble, purely because Edge made his return to win. CM Punk added a little by his preaching of him being straightedge, whilst eliminating other competitors in the meantime. Beth Phoenix also eliminated The Great Khali with a big kiss. When Michaels came in at number 18, everyone immediately thought that we would see a rematch between him and Taker at WM 26, which would happen, just not through the Royal Rumble. When he got eliminated, everyone felt quite low about the match, as they were shocked. Who could pick it up? The Rated R Superstar, Edge! He had been out injured due to a recurring neck injury, and he stunned the arena with his return. He ended up winning the match after eliminating John Cena. I was also a fan of the theme song “Hero” by “Skillet”.


I liked this rumble, due to the pure size of it. With 40 superstars competing, it meant that we saw some old guys return like Diesel and Booker T. It was also good to see many young wrestlers come through like Bray Wyatt and Curtis Axel under different ring names. In the end though, I was not a fan of Alberto Del Rio winning, I’ve never liked the guy!

Sorry about the slim list. I haven’t seen too many Royal Rumble matches as they can get very samey, but these 4 are up there for me. What are your favourite Royal Rumble matches? Comment below or catch me up on twitter @ImThatWWEGuy. Hopefully come Monday, we can all add the 2015 Royal Rumble match to our list of favourites.

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