WWE Raw 19th January 2015 Review

Brock Lesnar Segment

It was actually good to see Paul Heyman shoved off the mic and for Brock to speak for himself! Just as it seemed Triple H and Brock would square off in the ring, the rest of The Authority comes to ruin it. After Seth taunted Brock, Paul Heyman used his mic skills to make a great promo, but was quickly interrupted by John Cena. After that, it went downhill. It soon turned into the same segment which started Raw last week, which was boring. The little mistake by Seth Rollins was quite funny, and it’s good that John Cena played off of it. Soon after, it was announced that the WWE fans would vote if Cena should try to get Ziggler, Rowan and Ryback their jobs back.

Bray Wyatt vs Daniel Bryan

These two had a great rivalry a year ago, and so we all know how good their matches can be. The match was momentarily disrupted due to Kane coming down to watch the match. When we got back from the break, Wyatt was in full control of the match, slowing it down. Every time it seemed Bryan was getting back into it, he was knocked back down by Wyatt. Daniel Bryan showed his high-flying skills with the top rope Frankensteiner and his outside dives. Kane then attacked Bryan, for Bray Wyatt to go on and win the match.

A very good match up here. It’s clear to see the chemistry these guys have in the ring from the previous feud. It did suck though to see another match end with interference, with Kane attacking Daniel Bryan. Bryan did take some beating, and so I’d be surprised to see him at 100% for the match against Kane on SmackDown.

Legends Panel

It was good to see the Kliq reunion before the legends panel. It was also a good addition for Miz and Mizdow to be there to add humor to it. It was great to see 3 of the biggest guys in pro wrestling history in the ring together. However I got very bored by it. And was it just me that thought Ric Flair sounded drunk? The WWE tried to take the spotlight away from Roman Reigns when Saxton asked who they think would win.

I didn’t think I’d say this, but thank god Big Show interrupted this, I was falling asleep! This actually provoked a reaction from the fans, which it was not getting before. However, Big Show came down to take us on a trip down memory lane to the days of WCW. However he said that no one could lift him over the top rope, but it’s happened for the past 9 times he’s been in the match, so why wouldn’t it happen again?! After ‘knocking out’ Ric Flair, Roman Reigns came down to the ring to sort things out, and proved that it is possible to put him over the top rope. Thank god that Reigns wasn’t given any mic time though!

Bad News Barrett vs Dean Ambrose

This match up was a new one for us, I don’t think we have seen these two in the ring together. After a slow start, Ambrose gained a bit of control over Barrett, and got a few near falls. Just when we thought that Ambrose wasn’t going to milk his knee injury, he damaged it, but just running across the ring?! After it seemed Bad News was going to win, Ambrose got his much-needed win going into the Royal Rumble.

The New Day vs Tyson Kidd and Cesaro

Tyson Kidd and Cesaro started the match, showing their great tag team skills. However, Kofi Kingston pulled off the win in a very short match. The New Day’s win last week seemed bizarre as the WWE doesn’t seem to be pushing them, and their win again confused me even more. The commentators put The New Day down, and big Kidd and Cesaro up, which makes me question where these two tag teams are going. A poor match with little time to impress

NWO reunion

It was great to see these 3 back together, but I would’ve loved to see Hulk Hogan with them. They barely got going before The Ascension came down. They did their usual of comparing themselves to other tag teams, before the crowd showered them in abuse. It was great to see Ron Simmons back with JBL to stand up for the NWO. It got better when another great attitude era tag team turned up in The New Age Outlaws. Road Dogg and Billy Gunn soon started a fight with The Ascension, and it was great to see the clothesline from hell from JBL.

This set up a very random match with The Ascension and The New Age Outlaws at the Royal Rumble, which proves that the WWE roster has a lack of depth. However, it was great to see The Ascension taking a good beating.

Rusev vs R Truth

It was great to see R Truth back on Raw, but putting him against Rusev was always going to mean one thing. With this, the fans could never get behind it. Is it time for his streak to end? It was another ridiculously short match on Raw, a constant theme these days.

Jey Uso vs The Miz

It was another match between one of the Uso’s against The Miz. It shows a poor match up if the biggest part of it is Damien Mizdow, who isn’t even involved in this match. This feud ended a long time ago I thought, so it’s another dead match almost. In another short match, Jey Uso beat The Miz. Yet again, a short and pointless match at a Raw.

John Cena vs Seth Rollins, Big Show and Kane

Yet another match where Cena is made the big man by overcoming the odds. After he got beat down, he finally raised the crowd by doing his typical move set. Seth’s near fall also raised the crowd, as it all started to pick up. John hit the AA on Seth Rollins, only to be attacked by Kane and Big Show. John Cena showed just show strong he is (..) by kicking out of many near falls. But then Sting shows up!!  With this John Cena rolls up Seth Rollins for the win! Soon after, Sting disappeared for Brock Lesnar to come out. Lesnar then attacks Rollins Kane and Big Show, only for Rollins to run off

I must say that I was not impressed by the short matches, and the long and boring segments on Raw, however the ending was great. Sting has only showed up once before in the WWE at Survivor Series, and so seeing him again makes it very special. This only helps a Wrestlemania 31 match up with Triple H. As I say, a poor Raw, but with a good ending leading into the Royal Rumble. It is also good to see the 3 fired men back. It’ll add more depth to the Royal Rumble match.

Thanks for reading guys! Hoped you enjoyed it! Comment down below or tweet me what Royal Rumble themed posts you would like to see me make, whether you would like to see me start review SmackDown and any general comments. @ImThatWWEGuy!

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