Top 5 most hated wrestlers

5) Bo Dallas

Bo Dallas just has everything wrong with his gimmick. His “BO-lieve” catchphrase is so frustrating! I hate how before and after almost every one of his matches, he preaches to the crowd to join his movement. The fans don’t like it, and the WWE doesn’t seem to support him too much. His physique is also so wrong. He doesn’t look like a wrestler at all. He is currently out of action due to injury, although I’m in no rush to see him back in the ring.

4) Adam Rose

There is one big thing that I hate about Adam Rose, and that’s his partying gimmick. I hate every unlucky wrestler who gets this awful gimmick, like Brodus Clay. It’s a stupid gimmick that no fan every likes, so why do they still use it? It’s so cringey when he comes down to the ring, with all of his “Rosebuds”. His best friend used to be a bunny? It’s just awful, why would they think fans enjoy a wrestling match with a bunny in it?! I’m a big fan of Cesaro and Tyson Kidd, so I hope Rose doesn’t stay around them for too long.

3) Brock Lesnar

This may be quite an unpopular one, but I cannot stand the guy. He looks like such an idiot with how he has a massive body, and such a small head. I also had how he is seen as the unbeatable one, as this leads to stupid one sided matches with John Cena who is always seen as the underdog. I also can’t forgive him for taking the biggest prize in wrestling away from us for about 4 months, it took the shine off of it. I don’t understand why WWE thought that it would be a good idea to let a part timer win the championship. It did help the authority storyline, but it would’ve been better if there was the World Champion involved. There’s been reports of him leaving again for UFC, and I couldn’t be happier.

2) Bray Wyatt

Bray Wyatt, is just as worse as his brother, Bo Dallas. Again, I don’t like his gimmick, nor his appearance. Back in the 80s, WWE would have big muscular guys, who look completely different to anyone else. Bray Wyatt seems like he is just a guy they pulled of the streets (outside KFC). He does not look like a wrestler, and his shirt and vest combo doesn’t help the wrestling look. He is a very dark figure. He talks about heeling people, but it’s all a bit silly. Every time a match that included him and Dean Ambrose during their feud, I switched off. He just seems like a guy who I would want nothing to do with. I hope that 2015 isn’t the year that he gets a push from the WWE.

1) Jeff Jarrett

The TNA founder has to be the top of the list for my most hated wrestlers. He possessed a southern country singer gimmick with his guitar, which has to be one of the coolest weapons, made uncool by Jarrett. He would use it to screw over other wrestlers in all of his PPV matches, when the referee was “knocked out”. I’m just not a fan of his move set, his gimmick, his look. It just all frustrates me. And taking a rival’s wife? That’s not cool. I give the guy a lot of stick, but I must admit, when he left TNA in 2009, it went downhill, and has never really looked to improve.

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2 thoughts on “Top 5 most hated wrestlers

  1. Wow, we are so different haha! I love Bray, Brock and Bo! I can understand yours (and others) dislike of Brock, and Bo too, but Bray Wyatt? He’s the most unique character that WWE have had in many years, and is excellent on the mic. I can’t get enough of Bray! I guess that’s the beauty of wrestling though… So many different opinions. Enjoyed reading the blog.

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