Welcome to my blog!

I know not many people will ever read this, but hey, I’m giving this a go! I have never written a blog before so I might not be the best writer, but bear with me. I’m a 16 year old boy growing up in England who is a massive fan of WWE. I started watching in around 2007 and fell in love. I stopped watching in about 2011 to ‘grow up’, but 6 months ago I switched an episode of Raw on, and never looked back. The internet is great for watching the older stuff, I know a lot of of things from about 1997 onwards about WWE and I just find it so amazing.

Back when I was 10, I was the typical young WWE fan who loved John Cena and Rey Mysterio as they were always the “good guys” and I’d watch all the shows, and not really think too much of it. No though, I love to analyse every segment that comes on Raw. I thought I’d make a blog for the people who wanted to see my opinions on the latest on goings in the WWE. It’s now a big dream of mine to one day become part of the WWE. I know I’ll never become an in ring performer but I’d love to work backstage and surround myself in a truly amazing environment.

Anyway, I’ll keep it short, but I hope you are looking forward to what I will be writing about in the future. I will probably do one on tuesday night with a review of Monday night Raw, thank you guys!

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